Ophthalmic lenses and Darkroom procedure in ophthalmology video

In this video, I shall be discussing ophthalmic lenses and darkroom procedures in ophthalmology and the discussion will be supplemented by lots of videos to give you a more realistic picture.

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00:00 Introduction

00:19 Ophthalmic lenses

00:21 Trial box

00:42 Identification of lenses

06:46 Prism

08:50 Pin hole

09:47 Stenopic slit

10:23 Red green glasses

10:43 Maddox rod

13:46 Trial frame

15:45 Distant direct Ophthalmoscopy

17:30 Refraction

17:43 Retinoscopy

22:06 Ophthalmoscopy





Ahmed Sabra

Ahmed Sabra

Ophthalmic Specialist at Zagazig Ophthalmic Hospital

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