keratoconus : munson sign, rizzuti sign, oil droplet reflex video

Keratoconus: Progressive, non-inflammatory condition in which cornea assumes a conical shape because of thinning and protrusion.

Munson’s sign: A V-shaped conformation of lower lid produced by ectatic cornea in downgaze. Seen in advanced keratoconus.

Rizzuti’s sign a sharply focused beam of light near nasal limbus, produced by temporal illumination of cornea in pateints with advanced keratoconus having steep curvatures.

Charlouex’s Oil droplet reflex: Seen with direct ophthalmoscope The total internal reflection of light due to conical cornea produces a dark, round shadow in corneal midperiphery, separating the central bright red fundus reflex from a red reflex in corneal periphery.


Ahmed Sabra

Ahmed Sabra

Ophthalmic Specialist at Zagazig Ophthalmic Hospital

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