Anterior chamber cells, anterior chamber reaction and aqueous convection currents in anterior chamber video

The aqueous humor inside the anterior chamber has been known to be in constant circulation. It is widely accepted that this flow is caused mainly by the thermal gradient inside the anterior chamber, which induces buoyancy.This generates natural convection inside the anterior chamber, which may affect the overall heat transfer inside the human eye.

The anterior chamber may be considered to be enclosed by the inner surface of the cornea and the surfaces of the iris and lens. Temperatures at the surfaces of the iris and lens are naturally higher than the temperatures at the inner surface of the cornea. This is due to the proximity of the lens and iris to the source of heat (blood) inside the eye. Consequently, fluid that is closer to the lens and iris is expected to be warmer than the fluid that is near to the cornea. This creates buoyancy, where warmer aqueous humor tends to rise due to its smaller density, whereas the cooler aqueous humor, which has a larger density, descends. The rise and fall of aqueous humor create a constant circulation inside the anterior chamber.

Ahmed Sabra

Ahmed Sabra

Ophthalmic Specialist at Zagazig Ophthalmic Hospital

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