Idiopathic Osteosclerosis

Idiopathic Osteosclerosis pictures Dentistry Clinical 29.jpgIdiopathic Osteosclerosis pictures Dentistry Clinical 29a.jpg
Description: Osteosclerosis is an area of dense but normal bone in the jaws. It may occur anywhere in the jaws and in some instances may appear to be attached to a tooth as seen in fig. 7. The shape ranges from round to linear streaks to occasional angular forms. They are more common in the mandibular molar-premolar area. They are usually discovered on x-ray taken during the course of ordinary dental care.
Etiology: Osteosclerosis is presumably of developmental origin although a reactive etiology is difficult to rule out in some cases.
Treatment: Because osteosclerosis is not a disease, no treatment is required. If there is doubt about the diagnosis, periodic x-rays should be taken. Osteosclerosis does not change with time.
Prognosis: Good
Differential diagnosis: Condensing osteitis.

UMKC Dental School and Dr. Charles Dunlap and Dr. Bruce Barker