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    Default Shadowing on OCT due to hemorrhage

    Mikhail Artyomov:
    26 y.o. female. 20 weeks pregnant. Visus 0.04.

    Shadowing hemorrhage attachment.php?attachmentid=3093&d=1489780766
    Shadowing hemorrhage attachment.php?attachmentid=3094&d=1489780785

    Ameen Marashi:
    What is her blood pressure??

    Кац Михаил:
    Does she have preeclampsia?

    Ameen Marashi:
    thats why i am asking because this is serious

    Mikhail Artyomov:

    Кац Михаил:
    I can't define. There is a shadowing on OCT due to hemorrhage, or huge eruption of external retina?

    Mikhail Artyomov:
    Think it's shadow
    2 weeks of hemorrhage

    Ameen Marashi:
    I think she had spike of hypertension I recommend to do tight control at her gynecologist and if the preretinal hemorrhage didnt resolve spontaneously then consider Yag laser

    It can be Gestational Hypertension.
    Or spikes of hypertension as said by Dr Ameen Sir

    Mikhail Artyomov:
    YAG laser after two weeks of hemorrhage? Will it be effective?

    Ameen Marashi:
    Yes it will be this method is always kept for non resolving hemorrhage

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