Clinical Types of Thyrotoxicosis:
[1] 1ry thyrotoxic goitre (Graves' disease)
[2] 2ry thyrotoxic goitre
[3] Toxic nodule:
It is autonomous nodule (not under the control of T.S.H or thyroid antibodies).
The remnant thyroid tissues surrounding that nodule are suppressed due to low T.S.H level caused by high thyroxine secreted from the nodule.
[4] hyperthyroidism due to rare causes":
a) Thyrotoxicosis factitia: caused by thyroxine intake as a tonic.
b) Jod-Basedow (Iodine-Goitre) Due to intake of large dose of iodine esp. in endemic areas.
c) In de Quervain's thyroiditis very mild in early stages due to liberation of thyroid hormone from damaged tissues
d) Large mass of 2ry follicular carcinoma large functioning 2ries may ® mild hyperthyroidism.
e) Neonatal thyrotoxicosis In babies born to hyperthyroid mother or euthyroid mother with past history of thyrotoxicosis as the high antibody titre may induce thyrotoxicosis in the baby.
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