Brucella: Molecular and Cellular Biology

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Book Publisher: Taylor & Francis (13 January, 2005)
ISBN: 1904933041
Book author: I. Lopez-Goni

Book Description:
Horizon Scientific Press titles focus on high-level microbiology and molecular biology topics. Written by internationally renowned and highly respected leaders in the field, they comprise of review manuals, practical manuals, and reference texts for research scientists, bioscience professionals and graduate students.
Publication of the complete genome sequences of several different Brucella species has provided researchers with the opportunity to take a more directed approach to study this organism’s physiology, virulence, and genetic diversity. In this book highly acclaimed Brucella scientists comprehensively review all of the most important advances in the Brucella post-genomic era providing for the first time a coherent picture of Brucella molecular and cellular biology.
The book opens with chapters that focus on the development of molecular diagnostic tools followed by chapters on genetic evolution and its relationship to pathogenicity. Other topics include Brucella comparative genomics and proteomics, analysis of the structure, biosynthesis and biology of glucans and lipopolysaccharides, pathogenicity, approaches to vaccine development, bacterium-host interactions, immune response, and much more. Essential reading for everyone with an interest in Brucella and brucellosis and recommended reading for the wider body of scientists with an interest in microbial diagnostics, microbial pathogenesis, cellular microbiology and immunology, and vaccine development.

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