Hepatorenal link
B B nephropathy (FSGS - Membranoproliferative)
Viral hepatitis Immune Complex G. N.
Liver cirrhosis diseased kupffer cells

inability to trap immune complex

immune. Complex.

Immune complex G. N. (I g A nephropathy)

Obstruction jaundice D. bilirubin. Bilirubin nephropathy.
Hepatorenal failure severe L. C. F. acute renal F.
B obstruction uropathy.
Renal failure dialysis viral hepatitis.

Hepatorenal failure is an acute prerenal failure which occur in cases of severe L. C. F. with ascites especially on receiving vigorous diuresis.
It is a functional renal failure i.e. No organic lesion in the kidneys.
It is due to disturbance in the intrarenal P.G with shift of blood to the medulla. It is a fatal condition, the hope is the treatment of liver condition.