Good pasture $
It is an autoimm. Disease due to circulating antiglomerular basement membrane antibody.

Nephritic S within wks -or ms renal failure.
Haemoptysis as there is similarity between glomerular B.M. & alveolar membrane.
Ab against G.B.M. Biopsy

Light : crescents E/M Immunoflorescent

details no immune complex
The crescent as it is an autoimmune
Formed of cells+PNL linear deposits of Ig G
Usually present
ttt of good pasture $: steroids + cytotoxic drugs.
A- 1-Infection nephritic = post inf. G
2-Arthropathy nephritic + lupus nephritis.
3-Haemoptysis + renal impairment G.Pasture $,T.B.or wegener’s granuloma
B- in ttt of rapidly progreesive G.N, usually we use pulsed steroid therapy.

Source: Internal Medicine Book of Dr.Osama Mahmoud (Ain Shams University)