Diffuse Proliferative G.N. It is the commonest cause of nephritic $

Causes: 1- Post - infectious

streptococcal non streptococcal

staph. Pneum. Viral.

Mumps hepatitis
2- S.L.E.
3- Henoch - Scholein purpura.
It is common in children
purpuric eruption.
Abd pain.
4-Shunt nephritis
C/P: of prolif. G. N. nephritic $

Micro: Light cells
­ (endothelial - and - mesangial)
PNL infiltrate.
E/M details with subepith immune complex deposits (humps)
Immunofluresence Ig G - C3.

cause as infection : give Antibiotic.
SLE : steroids
ttt of nephritic $ see later

prognosis: poor prognostic criteria in post infectious case.
old age.
Nephrotic range proteinuria.
sclerosis in glomeruli.

Source: Internal Medicine Book of Dr.Osama Mahmoud (Ain Shams University)