Diabetic nephrophropathy
It is not a glomerulonephritis but is considered to be glomerulopathy.
It Occurs in type I, II, but it is common in type I due to long natural history
It is related to control of Diabetes and also to duration (10-15yrs).
Usually it is a part of Diabetic triopathy :

retinopathy Nephropathy Neuropathy

C/P D.M. + nephrotic $ C.R. F.
Early diagnosis by appearance of micro albuminuria.
Micro glomerulosclerosis (there is thickening of B.M.)
Sonar normal or large kidney size.
· Control of bl. sugar prevent the early hyperfiltration
· ACE inhibitor vasodil. Of efferent arteriole.
¯ intra glomerular pressure
¯ process of glomerulosclerosis
post pond C R F
Diabetic nephropathy diagnosis does not depend upon
renal biopsy
Pt with B nephrotic$=B nephropathy FSGS- member.prolif)
G. L. adenopathy nephrotic $
AIDS lymphoma
FSGS minimal L.
then nephrotic

FMF chr. Malaria (malarial nephropathy)

abd. Pain huge spleen ++
Arthropathy nephrotic $
SLE Rheumatoid amyloidosis kid.
nephrotic $ : drugs:NSAID
penicillamine gold
Pt with D.M. nephrotic $ = diabetic nephrop

Source: Internal Medicine Book of Dr.Osama Mahmoud (Ain Shams University)