Acute renal failure
Def. Acute onset of deterioration of kidney functions within a period of hours of days it is reversible with tretment of the cause.

Pre – renal:
( correctable, i.e. normal kidney with ¯perfusion)
-hypo volemia blood hge
plasma burns
fluids G. E.
-shock with normal intravascular volume Cardiogenic shock
Massive pulm. Embolism
Renal causes= (Intrinsic parynchymal renal disease):

-Acute tubular necrosis.
-Acute interstitial nephritis.
-Acute severe pyelonephritis with papillary necrosis. e.g in D.M.
-acute G.N.
-Malignant hypertension.

Post-renal= (obstruction):

bilat. ureteric obstruction.
unilat.Ureteric obstr. With non functioning or absence of the other kidney

Pt with acute onset of

loin pain anuria deterioration of kid. f unction

suspect obstruction

sonar (showing stones & signs of back pressure)

urological interference.

Source: Internal Medicine Book of Dr.Osama Mahmoud (Ain Shams University)