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    Default Intra Oral Camera video

    Walk through your mouth with Intra Oral Technology and see the unseen! Most of us can't really see what is going on in our mouths because it is a very small, and shadowed area. What we don't know is that many situations and conditions in the mouth and painless and not always visible to the naked eye.

    The Intra Oral Camera is a fascinating innovation in dentistry that allows the client and our clinicians to look deep into the mouth and observe the teeth at a very close angle. This wand like camera which transfers images to a television, can see so close to a tooth that it can see mini fractures, chips, secondary decay, wear down of the teeth, damaged and broken fillings and crowns and even gum disease. At Yaletown we believe that people can decide what is best for their own health. The Intra Oral Camera is a wonderful educational tool for clients so they can learn about their mouths to help them on their journey to overall dental wellness.

    Dentalsnap USB Wired and wireless Intraoral Dental Camera Overview

    The DentalSnap® I can probably be regarded as the simplest, easiest to use and most compatible intraoral camera on the market today.Not only that, but it surely has to count among the most affordable intraoral on the market when taken into account the level of service and support it ships with.Light as a feather, and with the kind of "dental-mirror" type dimensions you have become accustomed to, the DentalSnap® 1 simply plugs into an open USB 2.0 port and in seconds is ready to start displaying exceptional clarity live video or to start crystal clear super VGA resolution snapshots with the click of a button.It ships with a rugged quick-connect 2.5 m USB cable that allows it sufficient reach from a trolley based laptop, or your desktop PC in your practice.The DentalSnap® 1 is a true plug and play device, and installs itself within seconds when plugged into an open USB 2.0 port on any Windows XP service Pack 2 PC right through to those running Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems.Compatibility of this unit is fantastic, as it provides seamless integration into any patient management software application that recognises a USB imaging device.

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    Default Intra Oral Camera video

    i like the vid, as well as the music, what song is that?

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    Default Intra Oral Camera video

    Hi Cantnov9.
    Thats indeed a good post and very good tips for care of our teeth. I think we should need to take care of our dental and oral health our selves. Really Good oral health is very much necessary for attaining overall good health. Dental care includes anticipation and treatment of diseases of the gum and teeth. Your tips will be very useful for every one who reads your post.
    Specially I am very thankful to you.

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