MGD treatment capsule


🇪🇬Meibomian gland dysfunction 🇪🇬

✅ Treatment of MGD

✍️ Lid hygiene

👌 effective lid margin hygiene is paramount

👌 application of warm compresses for up to 30 min twice daily to increase the fluidity of the stagnant oils within the glands which eases

👌 expression when lids are massaged by a firm stroking motion towards the lid margins.

👌 Expressed matter is cleansed lightly with a cotton-tipped applicator, moistened with boiled, cooled water with bicarbonate, tea tree oil, or commercially available lid wipes.

👌 In mild to moderate MGD, hygiene improves symptoms and clinical signs.

👌 In extensive glandular and duct atrophy associated with thickened and indurated lids, cicatrization, and negligible excreta, the response may only be partial or even refractory.

👌 Do not use baby shampoo, as this contains perfume and irritates the eyes.

✍️ Topical treatments

👌 antibiotics for blepharitis

👌 lubrication(guargum substitutes Systane
preparations, are beneficial in evaporative dry eye)

👌 corticosteroids if severe inflammation (non-preserved drops or ointments)

👌Liposomal sprays (Actimist or Clarymist)

• Liposomes are sprayed on the closed eyelid margins. When the eyes open, the liposomes spread across the surface of the eye, creating a new oily film.

👌 Oral tetracyclines(doxycycline100mg/day )

• protease inhibitor,lipid soluble, penetrates into MG).

• Doses as low as 20mg/day are effective.

✍️ Environmental factors

👌 increased humidity (cool mist humidifiers)

👌wrap around glasses

👌 avoid wind, hot air, smoke.

✍️ Diet:

👌 a diet high in omega-3 fats can help improve ocular surface health, MG function, and dry eye disease ( available in green leafy vegetables, axseed, soya beans, canola oil, and walnuts)

👌 omega-6 fatty acids include linolenic acid and arachidonic acid ( available in vegetable oils, red meat-derived saturated fats, fast foods).

👌 high omega-3 index ( available in mackerel, salmon, sardines, herring, fresh tuna ) not canned because the canning process removes the beneficial oils

🛑meibomian gland probing and expression is newly reported
🛑 electric massage by specific modified machine newly reported