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Thread: How to think like a professional ophthalmologist not like a machine

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    Default How to think like a professional ophthalmologist not like a machine

    How to think like a professional ophthalmologist not like a machine 

    ✍️ When ur going for treatment ( medical or surgical) Ur target treatment should be consistent with pathophysiology of the underlying disease

    ✍️ Try to think logically with ur treatment , ur treatment is against pathophysioloy so treatment failures are extremely expected

    ✍️ some friend doctors advocate PGs and laser for pediatric glaucoma and denying the beta blockers as 1st line treatment...!!!!???
    think like professional ophthalmologist like attachment.php?attachmentid=3465&d=1513495786

    ✍️ let’s take it simply

    • in pediatric glaucoma the problem is aqueous drainage problem due to angle anomaly or underdeveloped trabecular and uveoscleral pathways ( immature or even deformed) in which it’s impossible to overcome unless by surgery or shunt
    • the only available possibility of temporary medical treatment is dependent upon reduction of aqueous production through aqueous suppressor ( beta blockers and CAIs ) with the lowest effective doses and frequency with meticulous monitoring of drug side effects... ( this is the logically acceptable way of thinking and management of debatable diseases)

    ✍️ The main problem underlying the pathogenesis of pediatric glaucoma is abnormally developed angle and trabecular and uveoscleral pathways ... so what do u expect if u use drugs working basically on non-working mechanisms

    ✍️ the same like changing oil for ur dead engine car ) why u expect the car to work , Sure it’s not logic.

    ✍️ my medical posts concerning my own stepwise medical approaches for managing a disease and respecting major recent guidelines papered in international textbooks and journals on the basis of respecting the basic science and pathophysiology of any disease of concern

    ✍️ my main concern in my post is to provide u my own protocol ( evidence based) rather than convincing or even humiliate ur opinion or protocol

    To all my dears 

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