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Thread: THE OVARY ( Embryology - Anatomy - Structure - Functions )

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    Default THE OVARY ( Embryology - Anatomy - Structure - Functions )


    Embryological development
    ♦ It arises from the genital ridge.

    Site: in the ovarian fossa on the lateral pelvic wall.
    • Boundaries of fossa: *Anterior: external iliac artery, &
    Obliterated umbilical artery.
    *Posterior: internal iliac artery & ureter.
    • Floor of fossa: *obturator internus muscle.
    *obturator vessels & nerves.
    • Roof of fossa: * Broad ligament cover the fossa.
    Size: 1 × 2 × 3 cm.
    Shape: almond-shaped with pearly white shape.
    Weight: 5-10 gm.
    Parts & relations:
    a) 2 surfaces:
    Medial surface: related to fimbriae of the tube.
    Lateral surface: related to ovarian fossa.
    b) 2 ends:
    Upper end: *Related to small intestine.
    *Gives attachment to fimbria ovarica & suspensory ligament.
    Lower end: *Related to ovarian fossa.
    *Gives attachment to ovarian ligament.
    c) 2 borders:
    Anterior border : mesovarium to posterior surface of broad ligament
    Posterior border: related to fallopian tube.

    OVARY Embryology Anatomy Structure Functions attachment.php?attachmentid=3327&d=1509112646

    1. Hilum:
    • Area of attachment of mesoverium.
    • Blood vessels & nerves serving the ovary through it.
    2. Medulla: dense C.T. surrounded by the ovarian cortex.
    3. Cortex:
    • The outer active part of ovary responsible for production of hormones & oocytes.
    • Lined by germinal epithelium (single layer of cubical layer).
    • Consists of dense C.T. stroma in which Graffian follicle in various stages are scattered.
    4. Tunica albuginea: C.T.
    The ovary is the only abdominal organ that isn’t covered by peritoneum.
    At birth, each ovary contains about one million primary follicles.

    Functions of the ovary:
    ♦ Exocrinal function: production of ova every cycle during CBP.
    ♦ Endocrinal function: production of steroids (sex hormones).

    Blood supply
    A. Arterial:
    1) Ovarian artery: *arise from abdominal aorta at L2 level.
    *pass through Infundibulopelvic ligament.
    2)Ovarian branch from uterine artery.
    B. Venous: pampiniform plexus ovarian vein:
    Right ovarian vein IVC.
    Left ovarian vein left renal vein IVC.

    Nerve supply
    1) Via pre-aortic plexus that accompany ovarian vessels:
    A.Sympathetic : ( T 10, T11).
    B.Parasympathetic: (S 2, 3, 4).
    2) The ovary is insensitive except to squeezing on P.V. examination.

    Lymph drainage
    To para-aortic L.Ns via ovarian lymphatics.

    structures in the ovary

    Formation of the ovary

    Female Reproductive System : The Ovaries Of The Female Reproductive System

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