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    Prostatic Cysts are common. Most cases are diagnosed accidently during ultrasound but they sometimes have clinical relevance when related to lower urinary tract symptoms, infertility or the expression of neoplastic disorders. Clinical relevance is linked to the differential diagnosis of the different types of cysts. We provide an updated classification of prostate cyst disorders and indicate how these disorders appear on transrectal ultrasound based on our experience and a literature review.

    midline cystic lesions / cyst like lesions
    • Mullerian duct cyst
    • prostatic utricle cyst
    • ejaculatory duct cyst
    • cystadenoma of prostate
    • vas deference cyst
    • TURP defect

    lateral cystic lesions
    • cystic degeneration of benign prostatic hyperplasia
    • prostatic retention cyst
    • seminal vesicle cyst
    • diverticular prostatitis
    • prostatic abscess
    • cavitatory prosatitis from chronic prostatitis
    • parasitic prostatic cyst
    • cystic prostatic carcinoma

    Prostatic Cyst Ultrasound Atlas attachment.php?attachmentid=285&stc=1&d=1435533444

    Prostatic Cyst

    By Chishti Ultrasound Centre

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