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    A ventral hernia is a bulging of the abdominal wall, often at the midline. However, it can occur at any location on the abdominal wall. Many are called incisional hernias because they often form at the healed site of past surgical incisions where the skin has become weak or thin.

    Hernias are named after the location in the body they occur. Other types of hernias include:

    • femoral hernia: a bulge in the upper thigh, just below the pelvic area
    • hiatal hernia: in the upper part of the stomach
    • incisional hernia: through a scar from a previous abdominal surgery
    • inguinal hernia: a bulge in the groin area
    • umbilical hernia: around the belly button

    Symptoms may take weeks or months to appear. The diagnosis is often made from the patient’s symptoms and imaging tests that show the presence of a ventral hernia. Sometimes patients have no symptoms. Other times, symptoms include discomfort or pain in the area of the hernia, which might grow worse when you try to stand or lift heavy objects. You may see or feel a bulging or growth in the area that feels tender to the touch.

    Treatment for a hernia requires surgical removal. Untreated hernias can grow into enlarged ventral hernias that become surgically difficult to remove. Swelling can lead to entrapment of the hernia contents. If not properly addressed, this can lead to a reduced blood supply to the tissues involved, causing“strangulation.”

    By Chishti Ultrasound Centre

    Ventral Hernia

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