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    Phacoemulsification is a dynamic procedure where the operating surgeon as well as the machine at work is doing number of rapid changes to make the procedure smooth and successful. The basic procedure of emulsifying the lens and aspirating out is not as simplified as stated in these words. Lot many things have to be done behind the scenes before a wonderful piece of work can be carved out of cataract surgery. The whole process of emulsification and aspiration is based on certain physical and biological principles comprising the science of phacodynamics.
    Phacodynamics Learning Videos attachment.php?attachmentid=212&stc=1&d=1434528213


    is the study of the funda- mental principles of inflow rates, outflow rates, vacuum, phaco power modulation along with microsurgical maneuvers with different types and grade of cataract.

    These lectures are essential to start learning phacoemulsification:
    Phacodynamics: pedal positions, flow rate and vacuum Video

    Phacodynamics:Bottle height,Surge,ABS tip and Venting video

    Phacodynamics : Ultrasound (Phaco) Power Video

    Phacodynamics : Cold Phaco Video

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