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    Cold Phaco

    cold phaco cataract removal technology is delivering ever-increasing benefits to patients. Cold phaco systems offer new capabilities that allow surgeons to move up to the next step in cataract surgery-bi-manual micro-incision phacoemulcification. Visual outcomes are improved with this technology. Cold Phaco gives the surgeon the ability to control ultrasonics and aspiration simultaneously and independently. With new technologies available cataract surgeons will be performing procedures with incisions as small as 1.0mm. With traditional phaco, wound burns are often a real possibility. The new cold phaco technology reduces risk to the patent and may enable better recovery.
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    Cold PhacoAdvances have been made in cold phaco, particularly in energy efficiency, follow-ability and temperature regulation. It improves the delivery of ultrasonic energy to the anterior segment, which in turn, decreases the amount and duration of power delivered to the eye. The worst action one can take during phaco is delivering too much ultrasound energy. You don't even have to touch the cornea to create problems.

    This video covers : cold phaco

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