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    Ultrasound (Phaco) Power

    When a surgeon chooses machine settings, it is important to keep in mind the goals of the surgery. A simple summary of the goals is to successfully remove the cataract lens and replace it with an IOL while minimizing tissue injury.

    Tissue injury includes wound burn, endothelial cell loss, iris trama and trabecular meshwork damage.Efficient and skillful use of ultrasound power will limit the amount of energy damage.

    Mimimizing energy damage can be accompished by the choosing the most efficient nuclear dissasembly technique and choosing machine settings that efficiently utilize power.
    Phacodynamics Ultrasound (Phaco) Power Video attachment.php?attachmentid=210&stc=1&d=1434527065
    Examples of power setting modifications include.

    For Sculpting:Change from fixed to linear. This will allow the surgeon to titrate the exact amount of energy to use by the foot pedal.

    Change from continuous to pulse. Each pulse has a duty cycle which has on time and off time of the phaco power. This adjustment of using pulse will reduce the energy in the eye by the percentage of time designated as off.

    For Chopping: In order to chop it is necessary to make a purchase of the nucleus with the phaco needle then to drop back onto foot position 2 to let vacuum build. To make a purchase of the nucleus the surgeon wants a short amount of energy then to drop back into apiration (foot position 2) To chop it is easiest to use a burst mode of a burst width from 40-80ms then to have the vacuum on fixed so that it will build quickly.

    For Quadrant removal: To remove the divided pieces of uclear materials, use a pulse setting. This will allow "on "time to allow the nucleus to emulsify the quadrant and off time to allow the the Aspiration to hold the nucleus on the tip of the phaco needle. Titrate the phaco power by using linear.

    This part of presentation covers : POWER : continuous, pulse, Burst - when to use each?

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