The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted marketing approval to Iridex for its Cyclo G6 Laser System for treating multiple stages of glaucoma.
Iridex Cyclo Laser System treating 10957675_441907625957951_1774939489554565411_n.jpg?oh=afd9d36c76ea86b1bce47d59e280c9de&oe=5563B860&__gda__=1431019088_0b01e2a7820614a9d905f0c677cd537a
Using Iridex’s MicroPulse tissue-sparing technology, the laser allows for repeat treatments, and will initially be sold with two disposable delivery probes, the MicroPulse P3 probe and the G-Probe. Iridex plans to introduce a series of additional new probes over the next year that expand the glaucoma treatment options the laser system provides.

"The Cyclo G6 system extends the reach of Iridex’s proprietary MicroPulse technology to a broader group of ophthalmologists who are seeking better alternatives for treating glaucoma than drug regimens or invasive surgical procedures," said William Moore, Iridex president and CEO. "That added reach, combined with the recurring use of specialty probes associated with the Cyclo G6, is expected to help drive growth in an important recurring revenue component of our business."
By Dr.Ameen Marashi