The iExaminer from Intuitive Medical Technologies in Shreveport, Louisiana is a simple iPhone 4 attachment for the popular Welch Allyn PanOptic ophthalmoscope that lets you do fundus exams and share videos and images right from the iPhone.

iExaminer Fundus Exams iExaminer-for-Fundus-Exams.jpg

The iExaminer app also walks users through a full eye exam including visual acuity, pupils, ocular motility, visual fields, intraocular pressure and cobalt blue light for external examination.
Because the unit is held with both hands, the patient is at arms length and the iPhone screen is viewed with both eyes allowing alignment to be more natural and comfortable for both practitioner and patient. The complete unit is extremely portable so now the camera can be taken to the patient instead of the patient being taken to the camera. It is also a valuable tool when seeing consults and debilitated patients. Photos can be printed wirelessly from anywhere there is a network connection. The iExaminer has been tested in a clinical setting and can be used by clinical technicians as well as practitioners. The iExaminer takes simultaneous video and high resolution photographs which allows the user to pick the best photos from the imaging session.
General Product Informations:
The basic version of the iExaminer can store up to 10 patient files.
The Pro version of the iExaminer has no limit to patient file storage, assuming adequate memory is available on your iPhone. A patient file with six high-res images is approximately 10 MB.
iExaminer is available in Apple’s App Store. To download:
Create an Apple ID
Navigate to the App Store on your iPhone or iTunes
Search for iExaminer and select to install (iPhone) or download Free App (iTunes)
If using iTunes, sync your phone per instructions in the following link:iTunes sync.
The iExaminer hardware and application have only been validated for use with the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Source: iExaminer for Fundus Exams