Pilocarpine 1%-2%-3%-4%

one dose when need
by Alcon/import by U.C.P.

Eye Drops

Class of Drug

Antiglaucoma agent, miotic.

Dosage Form
Ocular system (eye insert). Ophthalmic gel. Topical ophthalmic

Insert: Glaucoma”Adults and children, 1 ocular system every

7 days.
Gel: Glaucoma”Adults and teenagers, once per day
at bedtime.
Drops: Chronic glaucoma”Adults and children, 1
drop one to four times per day. Acute ACG”Adults and children,
1 drop every 5-10 min for three to six doses then 1 drop
every 1-3 h until eye pressure is reduced.

Contraindications Asthma.
Adverse Reactions
Eye irritation, headache or brow ache, eye pain, blurred vision
or change in near or far vision, decreased night vision,
troubled breathing, wheezing, watering of mouth, increased

sweating, muscle tremors, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.