How often is homeopathy used to treat childhood illness and conditions? A 1992 study conducted in a paediatric ambulatory department in Montreal, Quebec, found that of the 11% who had used CAM, homeopathy ranked second in overall use. In a survey conducted in England, it was demonstrated that of the 18% of children who had used a complementary therapy, homeopathy was one of the most popular treatments for dermatological; ear, nose and throat; respiratory; and emotional disorders. In two British paediatric studies , 15% of children with asthma and 35% of children with atopic dermatitis who had tried CAM used homeopathy. In Norway, children are visiting homeopaths in ever increasing numbers: from 10% in 1985 to 25% in 1998 . A 1999 survey of Italian children revealed that 7.7% had used homeopathy.

A lecture by Dr.Dinesh Rao