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    Central cloudy corneal dystrophy of Francois was first described in 1955 by J. Francois; its pathophysiology remains unknown. An 80-year-old woman with bilateral central cloudy corneal dystrophy of Francois was examined after having undergone a combined penetrating keratoplasty and cataract extraction. The corneal button was obtained. Light microscopy revealed stromal staining for acid mucopolysaccharide. Transmission electron microscopy revealed extracellular vacuoles, some of which had fibrillogranular material and electron-dense deposits. Fibrillogranular material was present in and around some keratocytes. Numerous endothelial vacuoles contained light-staining fibrillogranular material and round electron-dense granules. Our findings suggest that the opacities in patients with central cloudy corneal dystrophy of Francois are due to the extracellular accumulation of mucopolysaccharide and lipidlike material. Further studies are needed to elucidate the nature of these deposits.

    Central cloudy dystrophy Francois attachment.php?attachmentid=376&stc=1&d=1435954255

    Central cloudy dystrophy Francois attachment.php?attachmentid=377&stc=1&d=1435954264
    70 year-old female with hazy vision that did not improve after cataract surgery found to have central cloudy cornea of Francois. This disorder looks like the peripheral corneal degeneration termed “crocodile shagreen,” but is bilateral, symmetric and limited to the central cornea. Inheritance pattern is unknown, but some reports indicate autosomal dominant transmission. Interestingly.

    Central cloudy dystrophy of François?

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