an inherited condition that affects the central layer of the cornea, resulting in the development of small particles or granules on the cornea. Vision clarity can decrease with aging due to clouding of the cornea. The first reported cases could be traced to the Avellino region of Italy, which is how this form of the condition was named.

Avellino Dystrophy Avellino Dystrophy.jpg

Avellino Dystrophy avellino.jpg

47 year-old man with type II granular corneal dystrophy (Avellino) manifested after undergoing LASIK vision correction. Avellino dystrophy is known to blossom after LASIK. For this reason, it is the practice in some Asian countries with high prevalence of Avellino (most prominently Korea where prevalence approaches 1/1000) to perform routine genetic testing to rule out the TGF beta 1 mutation in all candidates for laser vision correction.

Avellino Dystrophy latticeretroillumination.jpg
Avellino Dystrophy is characterized by a fine lattice pattern and powdery discreet lesions.