m Pathology:
· Types:
(1) True (Lined by epithelium): Lymphatic, enterogenous, dermoid, hydatid.
(2) False (not lined by epithelium): Encysted haematoma, cold abscess, degenerating tumor and rarely gas cysts due to leakage of air through small opening in the mucosa as in case of peptic ulcer.
mClinical Picture: Painless abdominal swelling showing characteristic
(Tillaux's triad)
1-Fluctuant swelling (cyst) near the umblicus.
2- It moves freely in direction vertical on the attachment of mesentery.
3- It is dull surrounded by a zone of resonance and traversed by band of resonance.
m Treatment:
1- Enucleation if small.
2- Resection with its related mesentery and bowel if large.
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