mPredisposing factor: High elevated Lt. copula of diaphragm ®Colon moves up & takes the stomach with it.
mPathology: Rotation around the two fixed points (the cardia & the pylorus). The commonest twist occurs to maşke the greater curve with the colon moves upward to lie under the left copula of diaphragm.
mCl. Picture: Usually chronic intermittent dyspepsia with epigastric pain but may be of acute onset. As rotation is incomplete in most of cases so gangrene of the stomach does not occur.
m Investigations: Barium meal ® Double gastric air bubble.
m Treatment:"Usually Operative".
1- Freeing colon from stomach & fixation of its greater curve to dudonojejunal junction .
2- Closure of large hiatus defect in the diaphragm
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