• Eyelid pain ,swelling and cellulitis.
    • Eye discomfort and burning sensation.
    • often drains anteriorly through the skin near the eyelash line.

Medical treatment :
1-Warm compresses, eyelid hygiene.
2-Topical anti-inflammatory medication.
Epifenac eye drops 3 times daily.
3-Topical and systemic antibiotic.
Emycin (erythromycin) oint 4 times in outer part eye lid.
Keflex(cefalexin):Adult Dose:250 mg PO qid or 500 mg PO bid for 7-10 d.
Pediatric Dose:20 mg/kg/d PO divided q8h for 7-10 d; in more serious infections, may increase dose to 40 mg/kg/d; not to exceed 1 g/d.
Surgical treatment:
  • In some cases, the eyelid lesion becomes chronic and cystlike, requiring surgical incision and curettage under topical anesthesia.
    • An incision through the conjunctiva and tarsus is performed when the inflammatory reaction is present on the posterior eyelid margin.
    • An incision through the skin and orbicularis muscle may be necessary when the inflammatory reaction is located anteriorly.
  • The specimen should be sent for histopathologic examination.