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    Corneal pachymetry is the process of measuring the thickness of the cornea. A pachymeter is a medical device used to measure the thickness of the eye's cornea. It is used to perform corneal pachymetry prior to LASIK surgery, for Keratoconus screening, LRI surgery and is useful in screening for patients suspected of developing glaucoma among other uses.

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    Corneal pachymetry is essential for other corneal surgeries such as Limbal Relaxing Incisions. LRI is used to reduce corneal astigmatism by placing a pair of incisions of a particular depth and arc length at a steep axis of corneal astigmatism. By using the corneal pachymetry the surgeon will reduce the chances of perforation of the eye and improves surgical outcome. Newer generations of pachymeters will help surgeons by providing graphical surgical plans to eliminate astigmatism.

    Corneal pachymetry is also considered an important test in the early detection of glaucoma. In 2002, the five-year report of the Ocular Hypertension Study (OHTS) was released. The study reported that corneal thickness as measured by corneal pachymetry was an accurate predictor of glaucoma development when combined with standard measurements of intraocular pressure. As a result of this study and others that followed, corneal pachymetry is now widely used by both glaucoma researchers and glaucoma specialists to better diagnose and detect early cases. Newer generation pachymeters have the ability to adjust the intraocular pressure that is measured according to the corneal thickness.

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