Changing Concepts of Pain Control in Neonates

Dr. Azza Abd El Aziz Ahmed Foda

Under supervision of

Prof. Dr. Laila All Abd Rabbou

Professor of Pediatrics & Neonatology, & Head of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Faculty of Medicine - Al-Azhar University

Summary and Conclusion :

1. Newborn baby, even the most immature infant is able to recognize and react to painful stimuli.
2. The goals of pain management should be to prevent or reduce the amount of pain and distress as much as possible without adversely affecting the patient.
3. While it is clear that opioids are well tolerated at high doses in the ventilated neonates, the inappropriate use of these drugs for longer-term sedation or for minor interventional procedures has resulted in the emergence of iatrogenic complications such as tolerance, withdrawal and delayed extubation due to chronic overdosage.

Egyptian Fellowship Program