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    Default Periodontitis

    Periodontitis is further classified as:

    Aggressive Periodontitis: When a person is otherwise healthy and suffers from the gum disease only, it is called the aggressive Periodontitis. The common symptom of this disease is the loosening of teeth followed by mild irritation in the gums.

    Chronic Periodontitis: This disease is most common in adults but can trouble you at any age. The inflammation of the tissues supporting the teeth causes the bone loss. It occurs frequently and becomes noticeable because of the pocket formation between the tooth and the gum. The course of tooth attachment loss is slow but the period of progression is rapid.

    Manifestation of Systemic Disease: This problem results from the systemic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and respiratory disease.

    Necrotising Periodontal Disease: The individuals suffering from illnesses such as HIV, malnutrition, and immunosuppressant are often diagnosed with this problem.

    Home Remedies to Avoid Gum Disease from Family dental Chicago

    Gum diseases are just as common as its preventive methods. Hard to believe, but true! You can avoid becoming the victim of this painful, uncomfortable irritating disease by just sitting back in the comforts of your home. The remedies may be in your kitchen cupboards.

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    Very nice forum? but where topic of new video ? Tell me please.....



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