Flossing Technique for Adults

Usually, an oral health provider or dentist in Chicago would demonstrate flossing methods for you to follow. There are various flossing methods, and any of the under-listed methods can be used by an adult;

* The Loop Technique: This flossing technique is also referred to as the circle method. To begin, take a piece of floss about 18 inches, then knot it in a circle securely. Subsequently, place your entire fingers within the loop, with the exception of your thumb. Next, direct the floss through your lower teeth using the index finger, while directing the floss through your upper teeth with the thumbs; ensure that you exceed the gumline, until a ‘C’ shape is formed on the tooth’s sides

* The Spool Technique; another name for the spool method is the finger-wrap method. To start flossing with this technique, get a piece of floss ready, the same length used in the loop method (18 inches). Taking hold of the floss, wrap each side lightly around your middle fingers several times. Subsequently, manipulate the floss in-between your teeth tactfully while your index fingers and thumbs assume an upward and downward motion. Ensure that the motion is not side-to-side. The most excellent way is to make the floss go up and down, going beyond the gumline, and eventually assuming a ‘C’ shape on each tooth’s side.

The One Minute Flossing Technique

Prevention is the secret to a happy dental life and long term health. Brushing is great but it doesn't remove all the bacterial film between your teeth. Flossing is the key to complete what brushing starts.

How to Floss Properly - Flossing Technique

This 3D medical animation features a technique to clean the teeth where brush cannot reach easily. This technique is called Dental flossing and this helps in removing plaque between the teeth. Plaque deposit can lead to tooth decay ad gums diseases.

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