The lives of millions of people have been transformed with dental implants. Can you go to the emergency dentist chicago today and demand one? Wait! There are few conditions where the dental implant procedure cannot be done. Certain dental conditions can influence the dentist’s decision. The jaws should have sufficient bone width and height to support an implant. The gums should be healthy and the procedure is contraindicated in severe gums disease (periodontitis/gingivitis). Patients may have to undergo treatment for the gums before the procedure. Patients with severe teeth clenching (bruxism) may have to undergo corrective therapy or wear a night guard to protect the teeth. Lack of proper access to the area of the surgery may also be a contraindication. Medical conditions like pregnancy, severe dermatological diseases and malignancy can be an absolute contraindication. Some relative contraindications include smoking, diabetes, hemophilia and bleeding disorders, epilepsy, impaired movement, etc. It is up to your dentist or Implantologist to decide which of these will be detrimental to the prognosis of your implant. Patients below the age of 18 are not considered as candidates for an implant surgery.

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