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Thread: Diabetic Nutrition - Why is Nutrition Important?

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    Nutrition is all about what a person with diabetes eats. Nutrition and diet mean the same thing. A person with diabetes has 3 ways to control their blood sugar levels: Nutrition, physical activity and medication. The combination of good diabetes nutritional supplements and physical activity prevent pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

    The Food Pyramids

    Good Supplements for diabetes involves maintaining a well-balanced Diabetic diet plan that includes whole grains, protein, dairy, vegetables, fruit and some unsaturated fats.

    Americans are accustomed to seeing the traditional Food and Drug Administration pyramid on every cereal box and FDA-approved publication. While the American food guide pyramid is by all means healthy and comprehensive, we thought it would be fun to share food guide pyramids reflecting the histories of many other ethnic beginnings, cultures and beliefs.

    The importance of nutrition for Diabetics requires that we find all sorts of ways to help you create a useful Diabetes food pyramid. To meet that goal will keep working to bring missing pyramids to you. As an option, pick one and adopt it as your own. Eating in the ways of our traditions cannot be a bad thing.

    Remember how much smaller plate sizes were, so watch your portions. Click to see Portion Control PlatesAlso, remember how physically active our great grand-parents were, so daily exercise is a must.

    Physical activity and exercise is the key to making good diabetes nutrition work. We have to burn excess sugar and fat that we eat. If we choose the traditional approach to eating, it is important to note that we are choosing a way of life, not just the foods that we grew up with and love.

    Core Principles of Diabetic food Diet and Nutrition

    Why is Nutrition Important?
    Pre-Diabetes Diet

    The core principles of proper diabetic supplements are centered on reducing blood sugar levels and increasing healthy vitamins and minerals in the diet. diabetics, especially, should adhere to the principles of the Diabetes Food Pyramid in order to ensure that they have balanced diabetes nutrition to keep their bodies healthy.

    However, unlike the general population, diabetics are not always able to process glucose at the cellular level . That is why, it is important for diabetics to understand the chemical reactions that take place in their bodies as they eat food. Understanding the biology of Diabetes is the first step in taking control of your diabetes treatment so that you can live a healthy Diabetics life.

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    Treating diabetes is a serious problem and one has to have the right mindset and discipline to conquer. Its a lifetime battle but if you have the will you can still live a normal life despite having this ailment.



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