My Success Story !!! (I used Pure Herbal Vitiligo Treatment Oil)

I remember it was the mid of 2007, that I started noticing white patches appear on my hands and back. I was devastated and contacted a local doctor immediately. He said that the white patches had appeared probably due to a calcium deficiency in my body and comforted me that there was nothing serious. I was put on a high calcium dose, But with in a few days the white patches started spreading to other parts of my body. I then contacted a dermatologist in my city. He diagnosed me with vitiligo. I was very shattered.

The dermatologist gave me a dose to take thrice a day and 2 creams that had to be applied early in the morning and late at night. The process of applying the cream was very difficult. First, I had to take a bath and then apply the cream on the affected area. After that it was necessary to sit in the early sunlight for 20 to 30 minutes. Then again at night, I had to take a bath and wash the cream completely before applying a coat of the other cream. The cream irritated my skin and if it touched the normal skin, it would cause dark patches there. Even after such an irritating and long procedure the results were not satisfactory and i was losing hope and self confidence day by day.

Then i contacted another well known dermatologist from another city and he put in on a six month drugs course. He also gave me a new cream and said that after six months, we will know for sure if it will cure my vitiligo, otherwise we will need to switch to some thing different. Thus the over all response was disappointing through and through and i kept switching doctors in search of a cure for this epic disease.

Later i decided to used herbal medicine to cure vitiligo. I used a domestic made herbal oil that was said to cure white patches. I used the oil for one and a half month in the affected area but the result was zero and the oil was very irritating to my skin. I didnot give up and kept looking for a better cure.

Finally i found this oil, Vitiligo Treatment Oil, that changed my life! I started using this oil in the affected areas. I used the oil for one and a half month in the affected skin and noticed that I was getting back my normal skin color!! I'm now a regular user and have been able to get rid of the white patches from most parts of my body. Remember it is necessary to use the oil regularly with time punctuality. I have used this oil regularly and noticed remarkable results!! The affected skin parts where i didn't use the oil regularly, did not improve quickly . So the tip is to use the oil regularly for 3 months or so till the white patch is completely gone.

So when i saw these remarkable results with this magnificent herbal oil, I decided to start supplying the vitiligo treatment oil through out the world to those who are affected with vitiligo. I know how it feels to keep taking medicines and find no results as i have personally been through it all. Not only is it a waste of valuable time and money but also very frustrating and disappointing. So this is my gift to all of you out there who are affected by vitiligo. use this oil with confidence as it has no side effects. I have tried to keep the cost economical so that every one can afford to try it out!