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Thread: Fibroid myolysis

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    Default Fibroid myolysis

    Ablation techniques reported for the treatment of symptomatic fibroids have included
    the use of temperature to destroy tissue, including myolysis, cryomyolysis and laser.
    Despite reports of apparently successful outcomes26–28, these techniques have not enjoyed
    widespread popularity and use. The techniques require placement of probes into
    the fibroid, usually via laparoscopy, and the fibroid tissue is destroyed by heat (unipolar
    or, preferably, bipolar), cold coagulation (cryomyolysis) or laser. It appears that in
    women with symptomatic fibroids and menorrhagia, myolysis can be combined with
    other procedures such as endometrial ablation or resection, markedly improving
    the success rates of these minimally invasive alternatives to hysterectomy.29 Myoma
    coagulation combined with endometrial ablation also reduces all subsequent surgery
    rates compared with endometrial ablation alone.
    Power colour Doppler imaging was performed pre- and postoperatively to determine
    the effectiveness of cryomyolysis in reducing or eliminating the primary blood
    supply, as well as regression of the myomas. Myomas regressed by up to
    80%, and the major blood supply to the myomas was eliminated. Another study reported
    that cryomyolysis is able to maintain (or slightly reduce) uterine fibroids at
    post-GnRH agonist size, whereas all other uterine tissues return to their pre-treatment
    In the event of pregnancy occurring after myolysis, intensive surveillance is required.
    The author would advocate elective caesarean section delivery at term, and
    certainly emergency caesarean section if there are any signs of uterine rupture, or if
    the woman goes into labour prior to the planned caesarean section.

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