Anaesthetic equipment and safety
Physical principles underlying the function of the anaesthetic machine, pressure regulators, flowmeters, vaporisers, breathing systems. Absorption of carbon dioxide
Principles of lung ventilators, disconnection monitors
Manufacture and storage of oxygen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, compressed air.
Pipeline and suction systems, gas cylinders
Humidification devices
Minimum monitoring requirements
Environmental control of the operating theatre including scavenging systems for waste
anaesthetic gases and vapours
Pre-use checks of anaesthetic machine, breathing systems and monitoring apparatus
Anaesthetic records and critical incidents
Function and use of related anaesthetic and resuscitation equipment including that used for regional anaesthesia. Airways, tracheal tubes, tracheostomy tubes, laryngeal masks, oxygen therapy equipment, self-inflating bags, spinal and epidural needles, intravenous cannulae and transfusion devices
Sterilisation and cleaning of equipment