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What are the Facilities for Kidney Transplant in India?

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Overview :

Kidney is an important organ of human body. At times it can lose its capability to function properly. When the organ fails to work and is unable to fix with any treatment the only ray of hope for such patients comes in the form of kidney transplant. In extreme cases, the procedures like Kidney transplant is often called as the only viable choice for the patients with such dreaded ailments. India has now emerged out as a top destination over the global map for carrying out a wide range of procedures including transplant specialists, urologists and kidney experts. Here the internal patients get enough support and precise treatment for their ailment at much affordable cost, which make all the difference for them. Now, lets us explore what facilities one can avail with Kidney Transplant procedures in India as under:

Facilities for Kidney Transplant in India :

India is known to have one of the best team of Kidney transplant specialists and urologists who are highly qualified and known to have the required amount of expertise needed to address the challenges being faced by the patients due to kidney failures. The Indian hospitals cater one of the most competitive and advanced diagnostics apart from giving you the most comprehensive pre-operative evaluation and dialysis support along with availing the modern facilities found in surgical procedures. Here you get the best post-operative care including the isolation room that helps in reducing the probability of infections. Some of the modern services one can avail with Kidney transplant surgery go as under:

  • ABO Incompatible Transplants, which is an unmatched blood groups transplant procedures
  • The best Minimally invasive donor surgery via Laparoscopic approach
  • Avail specialized paediatric transplant programs
  • Benefit from the most specialized post-transplant procedures including graft kidney biopsies
  • Avail the complete post-transplant care

Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals

As we all know kidney disease is often called as a silent disorder since it can come without any symptom and when diagnosed, the problem has inflated a lot to be treated. In such cases, you can find both the kidneys failing to work and soon you find the mess within the body giving you uses like itching, fatigue and nausea apart from the complete weakness. The Indian hospitals catering kidney transplant solutions are known for giving high end results at much affordable cost at least when anyone compares the same with the hospitals of US and UK. Most of the top hospitals catering kidney transplant in India are par with the corporate hospitals found in the US and other developed countries in the west. Fast recovery is often promised by the Indian hospitals, which combine both the pleasure and caring kind of environment in it. The rooms in the hospitals admitting the patients are fully furnished and equipped with all the facilities.

The Top Hospitals in India for Kidney Transplant

There is no dearth for finding top hospitals for kidney transplant. All these hospitals are known to have one of the best infrastructures backed with highly qualified urologists and nephrologists who are trained at one of the best medical schools apart from having global exposure as well for treating a wide range of services. The following are the list of top and branded hospitals that cater kidney transplant in India.

  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)
  • Manipla Hospital, Bangalore
  • Fortis Hospital, New Delhi & Gurgaon
  • Christian Medical College, Vellore
  • Max Hospital, New Delhi
  • Wockhardt Hospital, Bombay

Final Verdict

India is known to have one of the best medical facilities and healthcare services for various domains, which certainly include for Kidney Transplant. It has one of the best infrastructures along with highly competitive medical team who all are known for giving high quality medical services at affordable cost.

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