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Liberation Treatment in India Best Option for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

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It is all together a new approach in order to treat the disorder of multiple sclerosis. This disorder has been first diagnosed in 1849, which deals in with the nervous system disease hampering the spinal cord and brain. As per reports, currently there are more than 2.5 million patients in the world who all are affected with this disease. This can create both mental and physical disabilities among the people who suffer from this disorder. Though there are several methods to treat this condition, however, with the addition of the revolutionary method like liberation treatment, things have become simple both for the surgeon and the patient to get higher success rate with this procedure. Now, lets dig in deep to get the gist of this procedure as under:

Candidate for Liberation Treatment

The patients who are eligible for this procedure should suffice the following conditions:
You should be in between 18 to 65 years of age of any gender with conditions like expanded disability disorder ranging from zero to 6.5.
Must adhere to active diagnosis or the relapse of Multiple Sclerosis
Have only gone through certain recognised treatment options
Should have normal renal function

Procedure Liberation Treatment
One of the common methods chosen under liberation treatment includes Balloon angioplasty. This procedure starts with moving the angiographic catheter from the lower to the higher vena cava along with adding venous pressure that is then measured. The process of catheterization will be preceded to the vein called Azygous (AZY) vein for few millimetres and followed by the other called the distal internal jugular vein (IJV). Now the surgeon then uses the compliant type balloon catheters for having greater amount of flexibility, which in turn allows for inserting the narrow arch over the first named vein. The surgeon is then maintained controlling the inflation after repeating a number of times. At the last stages of this procedure, the surgeon then uses the venous pressure measurement and chosen phlebograpy of either of the veins of both and then it repeats the outcome of the treatment once for all. This procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia by maintaining the norms of the practise and in accordance to the condition of the patients.

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Recovery after Liberation Treatment
This procedure is often carried out with the approach of minimally invasive method. This means you can expect a couple of benefits with this surgical option. Your stay at the hospital is not more than five days in the hospital after the surgery simply for certain follow up care and monitoring thing. At times the patients might have to stay for extra three days at the hospital in case if he or she is to fly back to the home country. The recovery after the discharge is quick and simple; however, bruising would be experienced by the patients. You are then required to consider the prescribed medication along with following the number of instructions given by the surgeon is important for effective results after the procedure.

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Liberation Treatment in India
Since past few years, India has become the popular destination for various medical treatments and surgeries and Liberation treatment is no exception. The fact is there are tons of benefits of choosing with Liberation Treatment in India. These include getting high quality of medical services at affordable cost, which is not the case with the developed nations like the US or UK. The cost is low, the quality is high, the doctors and surgeons dealing with Liberation Treatment in India are highly competitive and so are the hospitals treating the patients. All in all, the medical tourists get a win-win solution from the medical treatment and surgery in India, which is not the case with developed nations as the cost there is highly expensive.

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