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How This Surgical Robot Helps Neurosurgeons Treat Brain Disorders

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Our brain is a complex organ, any disease found in it can be lethal to treat, however, thanks to the latest developments like surgical robots and other techniques, the neurosurgeons are able to treat people with complex brain disorder. Recently, one such procedure called the robotic Parkinsons surgery was carried out at the University of Californias Irvine Medical Centre wherein a woman of 56 years old was treated with the same. This surgery employed the ROSA Brain Robot wherein it used implant electrodes with the help of deep brain stimulation, which disabled the overactive nerve cells for the said patient. Lets check how this surgical robot helped the neurosurgeons in order to treat her brain disorders as under:

The Neurological Surgeries by Robots
MedTech a known French company known for developing several surgical robots that helps the surgeons to get the insight of the disorder found inside the brain for its better treatment. The ROSA robot, which is the creation of the very same company helps in registering and targeting the exact location of the disease/disorder, which further helps the neurosurgeon to treat the same. One of the common surgical procedures is the Cranial surgery, which is helped in treating certain kind of epilepsy and the Parkinsons disease or to get rid of the tumours. Once the surgery is started, the ROSA robot will help in directing a couple of instruments over the entry point in order to follow the pre-planned trajectory and by pressing the button over the robot. As per the procedure, the surgeon can use a number of tools using the ROSA Robot in order to carry out a number of surgeries over the patient including the implanting electrodes over the stimulated areas within your brain or just to guide the probes for carrying out the biopsies. With this procedure, the surgeons are able to reduce the time for the anaesthesia.

The Parkinson Diseases

As per reports of the company MedTech, there are more than four million patients who are suffering from the Parkinson disease in the world, while the total number of people found affected by this disease and other brain issues include around one billion people. The same report suggest that in the coming few years, the neurology hospitals will see a good surge of patients coming for a number of neurological problems. However, the budget for treating these disorders seems to be shrinking. Companies like MedTech and others have embarked with a number of minimally invasive procedures including the ROSA robots for brain and other relevant surgeries like neck and spine.

What is ROSA Robot?

The Rosa robots are found with robotized arms, which simply imitate all the movements of human arm of the surgeons, which they carry in order to treat the disorder. Interestingly, these robots are able to carry out the same surgery with similar skill sets the surgeons posses and thus fix the problem. These robots are armed with GPS kind of technology wherein the surgeons can easily define the targets and the trajectories for the arms of the robot for any neurological surgery. The company has developed 17 Rosa robots so far and one such operation as said above was carried out by the same in the US along with other countries in the Europe.

Neurological Surgeries in India
Slowly and steadily, India is also progressing in terms of treating the complex neurological disorders with the help of robotics. With the addition of all the high end facilities and state of art amenities including Robotic neurological surgeries, India has emerged out as an important destination for medical tourists coming from the different directions of this planet. The Indian neurological surgeons are simply the best in terms of exposure and experience. The best part of Neurological Surgeries in India is the low cost incurred for different treatment options, which propels the influx of global patients coming far and wide.

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