Dr.Reda Gomah El Garia

Dr.Reda Gomah El Garia

Consultant Ophthalmologist at MALAZ MEDICAL GROUP

Drug-induced uveitis

✍️ relatively rare with incidence of less than 0.5%. ✍️ systemic medications associated with uveitis. ☝️cidofovir ☝️cobalt ☝️diethylcarbamazepine ☝️pamidronic acid (disodium pamidronate), ☝️interleukin-3 ☝️interleukin-6 ☝️oral contraceptives ☝️quinidine ☝️rifabutin ☝️streptokinase ✍️ Topical ocular medications...

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Myotonic dystrophy

☝uncommon ☝ AD dystrophy ☝ triple repeat of MDPK gene ☝pathognomonic feature is failure of muscle relaxation after contraction. ✅Myotonic dystrophy Ocular manifestation ☝ bilateral ptosis ☝ cataracts (Christmas tree cataracts or PSCC) ☝ orbicularis oculi...

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