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07-27-2007, 09:29 AM
More than 40 million Americans - one in seven - have physical, sensory, or motor impairments. At some point in their lives, the majority of Americans will experience a disability or have a family member who does. What is being done to help people with disabilities lead more productive, independent lives? Are we prepared for the anticipated increase in people with disabilities? A new report from the Institute of Medicine, THE FUTURE OF DISABILITY IN AMERICA, reviews progress made in improving the lives of those with disabilities since 1991, when the Americans with Disabilities Act became law, and looks at problems that remain. It offers a series of recommendations for government at all levels.


Alan M. Jette, director, Health and Disability Research Institute, Boston University, Boston
Lisa I. Iezzoni, professor of medicine, Harvard Medical School Institute for Health Policy, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
Gregg Vanderheiden, professor of industrial and biomedical engineering, and director, Trace Research and Development Center, University of Wisconsin, Madison


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