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07-27-2007, 09:29 AM
The Foundation for Physical Therapy is now accepting online applications for physical therapy research grants to be funded in 2008. Grants are awarded to support scientifically based and clinically relevant research in any specialty related to physical therapist practice.

The Foundation currently has four grants available for 2008: the Pittsburgh-Marquette Challenge Grant, the Legacy Endowment Grant, the Pediatric Research Grant, and the Magistro Family Foundation Research Grant. The Pittsburgh Marquette Challenge, the Legacy Endowment, and the Magistro Family Foundation Research Grants will support research projects that evaluate the effectiveness of physical therapist interventions. The Pediatric Research Grant will support a research project that examines one or more of the elements in physical therapist patient/client management for children with developmental disabilities.

All applications for the grants must be submitted by 5:00 pm, August 14, 2007, via the Foundation's online application system at www.FoundationforPhysicalTherapy.org (http://www.foundationforphysicaltherapy.org/).

The maximum grant amount is $40,000 for projects with a 1- or 2-year period of performance. Award notifications will be made in December 2007. Grant awards are scheduled to begin on January 1, 2008, unless otherwise requested by the applicant.

For specific information, guidelines, and instructions about each of these grants, the online system, or other Foundation programs, please visit the Foundation's Web site at: www.FoundationforPhysicalTherapy.org (http://www.foundationforphysicaltherapy.org/).

The Foundation for Physical Therapy was established in 1979 as a national, independent nonprofit corporation dedicated to improving patient care by supporting scientifically based, clinically relevant physical therapy research. For more information, visit www.FoundationforPhysicalTherapy.org (http://www.foundationforphysicaltherapy.org/).

For more information about a career as a physical therapist, to find a physical therapist, and for more physical therapy news and information, consumers can visit www.apta.org/consumer (http://www.apta.org/consumer).

The American Physical Therapy Association is a national organization representing nearly 70,000 physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and students nationwide. Its goal is to foster advancements in physical therapist education, practice, and research.

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