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  1. Study Links Tooth Decay And Gum Infections To Ethnicity And Country Of Origin
  2. Bacteria From Patient's Dental Plaque Causes Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia
  3. New Approaches To The Diagnosis Of Oral Cancer
  4. New Treatment For Canker Sores
  5. Dental Systems - RVG 6100 Digital Radiography System
  6. American Academy Of Pediatric Dentistry Cites Ways To Prevent Risk For Children's Tooth Decay
  7. Topping The List Of Lifestyle Factors Impacting Oral Health Are Smoking And Sleep
  8. Do You Want To Borrow My Toothbrush? You Could Catch Anything
  9. Fluoride Linked To Gum Disease
  10. House Members Introduce Legislation To Expand Access To Dental Care For Children
  11. Fluoride No Benefit To Low-Income Americans, Study Shows
  12. More Insurers Offer Group Dental Plans That Allow Rollover Of Unused Maximum Treatment Limits
  13. British Dental Association Support Helps Win Judicial Review
  14. British Dental Association To Launch Version Five Of Practice Compendium
  15. Tongue Cancer And Chronic Gum Disease Linked
  16. Telephone 'Quitlines' May Help Dental Patients Stop Smoking
  17. British Dental Association Launches New CPD In Business Skills At Harrogate
  18. Periodontal Study On Imagenetix Compound 1-TDC Published In Journal Of Periodontology
  19. Dentists Need More Training In Oral Cancer Detection
  20. FDA Advises Consumers To Avoid Toothpaste From China Containing Harmful Chemical
  21. New Guidance To PCTs On Single-use Instruments For Endodontic Procedures, UK
  22. Testing China-Made Toothpastes For Diethylene Glycol
  23. Making New Teeth
  24. New Exam For Overseas Dentists, UK
  25. Compulsory CPD For Dental Care Professionals Coming Soon, UK
  26. 2 Studies Suggest That Periodontal Diseases Should Be A Concern To Women Of All Ages
  27. General Dental Council Agrees Registrant Make-up Of New Council, UK
  28. Dentists' Association Responds To 'Lack Of Public Service Ethos' Attack, UK
  29. Washington, D.C., Expands Dental Care To Adult Medicaid Beneficiaries
  30. Gum Disease In Postmenopausal Women Linked To Oral Bone Loss
  31. U.S. Residents Travel To Mexico For Lower-Cost Dental Care
  32. Milestone Scientific Receives CE Mark Approval Of Pain-Free Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA(TM)) System
  33. Rep. Cummings Promotes Dental Care For Low-Income Children
  34. Women Advised To Speak Up And Talk To Their Dentists
  35. Bone Regeneration Could Be Triggered By A Gene-Activated Matrix
  36. Members Appointed To New General Dental Council Specialist Board, UK
  37. Expert Shares Ways To Prevent And Manage Tooth Erosion
  38. Over 99 Per Cent Of Dentists Keep Up To Date, UK
  39. California Dental Care Program Returns Unspent Funds To Federal Government
  40. Laser Used To Help Fight Root Canal Bacteria
  41. Another Way To Customize Your Smile
  42. Shopping For Healthcare Overseas
  43. Fluoride Damages Teeth, New Warning By Dentists
  44. Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment Alone Better Than Two Interventions
  45. American Dental Hygienists' Association Announces 2007-2008 Leadership, USA
  46. Acetaminophen Safe, Effective After Wisdom Tooth Removal
  47. ASBMR Task Force Releases Report On Effects Of Bone Drugs On Dental Health
  48. End Fluoridation, Say 500 Physicians, Dentists, Scientists And Environmentalists
  49. Academy Of General Dentistry Announces 2007 Fellows And Masters
  50. Academy Of General Dentistry Focuses On Tooth Erosion
  51. Academy Of General Dentistry Announces New Team Hires
  52. Guidance For Dental Professionals In Business: GDC Calls For Views - UK
  53. Dr. Sanderson, DMD, First Dentist To Offer Teeth In An Hour Procedure In Alabama, USA
  54. Dental Reforms - Have We Actually Moved One Year On?, UK
  55. ADHA Applauds Congressional Action To Improve Access To Dental Care, USA
  56. Delta Dental Recommends Mouth Guards To Prevent Injuries During School Sports
  57. Ways To Reduce Dental Anxiety, From A New Harvard Medical School Report
  58. Academy Of General Dentistry Presents Member Dentists With Lifelong Learning & Service Recognition
  59. Minnesota Dental Association Informs Heart Patients Of New Dental Treatment Guidelines
  60. More Dental Care Through Medicare, Australia
  61. Whiplash May Produce Delayed Jaw Pain
  62. GDC Seeks Chair And Examiners For New Overseas Registration Examination, UK
  63. Dentists Can Be First To Detect Some Medical Conditions
  64. NHS Dental Budgets Under Pressure, UK
  65. British Dental Association Calls For Amnesty On NHS Contract Clawback, UK
  66. USC School Of Dentistry Shares Tips To Help Children Head Back To School With A Healthy Smile, USA
  67. Oral Health A Matter Of Life And Death For Seniors
  68. Dental Practitioners Association Welcomes Extended Protection For NHS Dental Budget, UK
  69. NHS Dental Patients Should Get National Insurance Refund Says Dental Practitioners Association, UK
  70. British Dental Association Calls For Assurances That Quality Of Dentists' Training Will Not Be Compr
  71. Focus On Eliminating Streptococcus Infections
  72. News From Molecular And Cellular Proteomics
  73. Patient Experience Of NHS Dentistry Must Be Included In Performance Measures, Urges The BDA, UK
  74. 'First Step In Right Direction' On Decontamination Issue, British Dental Association, UK
  75. StatMedica Defends Medical Tourism
  76. Medications Plus Dental Materials May Equal Infection For Diabetic Patients
  77. Popular Energy Drinks Cause Tooth Erosion
  78. Tooth Erosion
  79. Willamette Dental Announces Opening Of New Specialty Dental Office, USA
  80. MU Laser Lab
  81. Oral Cancer
  82. Partnership To Provide Teaching Tools To Educators Worldwide
  83. General Dental Council Meeting
  84. NYU College Of Dentistry Receives $1.8M To Identify Risk For Severe Early Childhood Caries
  85. Human Oral Microbiome Database Launched
  86. Dentists Asking For Retired List, UK
  87. Neurotoxic Mercury Waste Polution From Dentisty
  88. Howard County, Md., Health Program Expands Coverage To Include Dental Services
  89. Dental Lab Industry Launches Web Site To Inform Consumers On Lead Scare
  90. 60th Anniversary Of The National Institute Of Dental And Craniofacial Research
  91. Keynoters, Symposia, Workshops Highlight Dental Research Meeting
  92. Dental Scientists Convene In Dallas
  93. UK Dental Regulator Prosecutes Bristol Man For Illegal Dentistry
  94. NICE Revises Guidance On Prophylactic Antibiotic Cover Against Endocarditis
  95. Bleak Second Birthday For New Dental Contract, Says British Dental Association
  96. 2008 Official Guide To Dental Schools
  97. Healthy Gums Are Something To Smile About
  98. Milk Teeth From 100,000 Children Sought By Tooth Bank
  99. Oral-Cancer Screening
  100. Bad Teeth Pose Heart Disease Risk In Younger Men, Study Shows
  101. Charles N. Bertolami Assumes Presidency Of American Dental Education Association
  102. General Dental Council Operates Registration Surgery At Dental Technology Show, UK
  103. Fewer Cavities Found In Overweight Kids, New Study Shows
  104. Orthodontic Services To Disadvantaged Children
  105. Importance Of Facial Protection
  106. Sebastian Velez, High School Student, Presented Paper At National Dental Research Meeting
  107. Your Personal Computer Can Provide Salivary Diagnostics, The 'Magic Mirror' To Your Health
  108. Tongue Cancer
  109. Mandibular Defects
  110. Biological Clock Linking Tooth Growth To Other Metabolic Processes Discovered By NYU Dental Professo
  111. British Dental Association Gives Mixed Reception To Pay Award
  112. NHS Dentists Gnashing Teeth At Further Pay Cut, UK
  113. Are You Ready For The Introduction Of Compulsory Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? UK
  114. Helmerhorst Awarded By National Institute Of Dental And Craniofacial Research
  115. Delta Dental Urges Patients To Request Oral Cancer Exams From Dentists
  116. Need Dental Info
  117. Finding a Dentist For Your Family
  118. Tooth Implant Procedure & Recovery Information
  119. Are you ready for a dental implant?
  120. Dental Veneers information!
  121. Find out the pros and cons of veneers