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  1. Making Sense Of The World Through A Cochlear Implant
  2. Viral Protein Is An Effective Preventative Against Ear Infection
  3. Advancis Pharmaceutical Resubmits New Drug Application For Once-Daily Amoxicillin
  4. Viral Enzyme Recruited In Fight Against Ear Infection
  5. Antibiotics Appear To Be Overprescribed For Sinus Infections
  6. Too Many Antibiotics Prescribed For Sinus Infections
  7. Why We Smell Better When We Sniff: Penn Study On Olfactory Nerve Cells
  8. Children's IQs Can Be Impaired As Much By Sleep Disorders As By Lead Exposure
  9. Jet Engines Help Solve The Mysteries Of The Voice
  10. Weather Forecasts Spring Pollen Allergy Severity
  11. Inner-ear Volume Study Leads To Higher Surgery Success Rates
  12. Studies Showed Fluticasone Furoate Nasal Spray Was Well-Tolerated And Effective
  13. Asthma, Eczema And Rhinitis: A Deleterious Strong Heritage
  14. Survey Shows Discomfort With Existing Nasal Sprays Causes Allergic Rhinitis Patients
  15. Steroid-Free Astelin(R) Nasal Spray (R) Demonstrated Seasonal Allergy Symptom Improve
  16. Nasal Flu Vaccines Provide 'Double' Immunity, Carrington Labs Says
  17. MUSC, Clemson Team Up To Improve Outcome Of Prosthetic Ears And Noses
  18. Smell Likely to Outlast Other Senses
  19. Slow-Release Morphine Reduces Level Of Intractable Cough
  20. Recurrent Middle Ear Infections Can Have A Major Impact On Children's Development
  21. Cost Effective Treatment Options For Acute Otitis Media
  22. Cancelled Plans, Agitation Felt By Caregivers Of Children Suffering From Otitis Media
  23. Psychotherapy Quiets Concerns Over Ringing In The Ears
  24. Fluid In The Ear Does Not Impair Development In Children, Pittsburgh Ear Study Finds
  25. Common Blood Test Can Help Distinguish Between Mononucleosis And Tonsillitis
  26. Some Patients Dissatisfied Following Closed Reduction Of Nasal Fractures
  27. EuroHear: A European Research Project On Hereditary Deafness, Molecular, Physiology
  28. How Learning Influences Smell
  29. Cough And Phlegm Cause Fourfold Increase In COPD Incidence
  30. Oxymetazoline As An Anti-inflammatory Drug In Nose Sprays: Mode Of Action Now Clear
  31. Empty Sella Syndrome: Anatomical, Rsadiological and Clinical Correlations
  32. "The Unilateral Cleft Lip Nasal Deformity''
  33. Orbital Complications of Acute Sinusitis Endoscopic Management
  34. Non-invasive Fungal Sinusitis: Endoscopic Management
  35. Nastech Announces Issuance Of A U.S. Patent For Nascobal(R) Nasal Spray
  36. European Position Paper On Rhinosinusitis And Nasal Polyps (EP3OS) Group Updates 2005 Guidelines
  37. Evidence Lacking To Guide Treatment For Sudden Hearing Loss - Archives Of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck
  38. Mystery Of A Third Olfactory System Unlocked By University Of Maryland Researchers
  39. Some Kids Suffering Vocal Cord Dysfunction Are Misdiagnosed With Asthma
  40. Experts Fashion Prosthetic Ears For Young Son Of Olympic Medalist
  41. 'Holy Grail' Of Hearing: True Identity Of Pivotal Hearing Structure Is Revealed
  42. Inhaled Irritants At Work May Cause Vocal Cord Dysfunction
  43. 260 Million-Year-Old Reptiles From Russia Possessed The First Modern Ears
  44. 111th AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO
  45. Almost 100 Percent Of Chronic Sinusitis Cases Are From Fungal-Induced Inflammation
  46. Diesel Exhaust Kills Throat Cells
  47. DAHANCA Initiates Head And Neck Cancer Study With Genmab's HuMax-EGFr
  48. Fighting Cancer Using A Multidisciplinary Approach
  49. Piezo Nanostimulator For Inner Ear Research
  50. Odor Perception Linked To Genetic Variant
  51. Smoking Damages Ear Health And Complicates Ear Surgery
  52. Selective Attention Increases Both Gain And Feature Selectivity Of The Human Auditory Cortex
  53. Doctors Face Learning Curve In Bipolar Radiofrequency Ablation Tonsillectomy
  54. Major Shift Over Past 35 Years In Reasons For Tonsillectomy
  55. Gender Differences A Factor In Vocal Cord Injections
  56. Delay In Cochlear Implantation Could Have Significant Impact On Children's Speech And Language Skill
  57. Humming Effective In Diagnosing Hearing Loss
  58. New Insights Into Adult Rhinosinusitis
  59. Enlarged Tonsils Associated With Reflux Disease
  60. New Surgical Techniques Could Reduce Pain And Complications In Tonsil Surgery
  61. Cochlear Implant Patients Still Enjoy Music After Implantation
  62. Amateur Singers, Singing Teachers Less Likely To Identify Serious Vocal Problems
  63. Combined TMS Shows Potential In Tinnitus Treatment
  64. Cell Phone Use Causes High Frequency Hearing Loss
  65. Medical Humanitarian Missions Provide Long-Term Benefit To Patients
  66. Dizziness Causes Don't Differ Across Age Groups
  67. Understanding Our Perception Of Smell
  68. Treating Alzheimer's - Through The Nose
  69. Targeted Therapies Driving The European Head And Neck Cancer Therapeutics Markets
  70. New Approach To Rehabilitation Using Robot Simulation
  71. Antibiotics Not Always Best Bet For Battling Childhood Ear Infections
  72. Phantom Noises Misinterpreted As Tinnitus During Periods Of Silence
  73. 'Swish And Spit' Test Accurate For Cancer
  74. Quality Of Life In Adult And Pediatric Patients Significantly Improved By Tonsillectomy
  75. Depression In Females Linked To Sense Of Smell
  76. Ear Tubes For Ear Infections
  77. The Nerveana Helps Surgeons Avoid Nerve Injuries During Thyroid, Parathyroid, Parotid
  78. Drug-free Answer To The Relief From Snoring
  79. Hi-Tech Pharmacal Receives Final Approval For Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray, 50mcg
  80. Take Spray With A Pinch Of Salt, UK
  81. FDA Approves MiddleBrook's Amoxicillin PULSYS For Pharyngitis/Tonsillitis In Adolescents And Adults
  82. NAD Leadership Training Conference Geared To Up-And-Coming Leaders
  83. NAD Works With PepsiCo On Super Bowl Ad In American Sign Language
  84. Eardrops May Cause Hearing Loss Or Damage
  85. Early Detection Critical In Treating Pediatric Thyroid Cancer
  86. Radiation Exposure Safe In Balloon Catheter-Based Sinus Surgery
  87. Children With Sleep Apnea
  88. Eliminating Streptococcus Infections
  89. Tinnitus, Helping Search For A Cure, British Tinnitus Association, UK
  90. Nasal Polyps From Analgesics
  91. Behavioral Risk Factors For Head And Neck Cancers
  92. Common Cold And Ear Infection
  93. Mysterious Child Fevers Of Unknown Origin: Could Surgery Be A Cure?
  94. Treatment With Theophylline Improves Smell Function When Biochemistry Is The Culprit
  95. Micropressure Therapy For Meniere's Disease
  96. Antibiotics For Acute Maxillary Sinusitis Not Always Necessary
  97. Protect Voice And Hearing
  98. Potential Blood Test For Chronic Sinusitis Identified
  99. Treatment Of Nasal Allergy Symptoms
  100. Popular Ear Drops And Complications Risk? Australia
  101. Oropharyngeal Candidiasis
  102. Acute Sore Throat: Antibiotics Should Normally Not Be Started Immediately
  103. Hopkins Doctor Urges Early Diagnosis To Avoid Cancer's "Forgotten Killer"
  104. ENT Doctors Recognize Oral, Head, And Neck Cancer Awareness Week
  105. Inspire To Discontinue Development Of Epinastine Nasal Spray
  106. Cook Medical Continues To Drive Endoscopy Innovations With Industry's Strongest 3 Stage Balloon Dila
  107. Cervical Dystonia - FDA's First-Cycle Review Of Dysport(R) To Be Completed By Year-End
  108. Audit Shows Better Care For Head And Neck Cancer Patients, But Still Room For Improvement, England A
  109. Self-Adjusted Dosing May Be The Best Treatment For Hay Fever
  110. Xalieve(TM) Gains Momentum As Calabar AB Launches A Phase II Repeated Dose Study In Dry Mouth Patien
  111. The Online Cough Clinic's Spectacular Success: Check Out Your Chronic Cough On The Internet, With Ex
  112. H. Pylori Bacteria May Help Prevent Some Esophageal Cancers
  113. Disparities In Head And Neck Cancer Patients Survival Rates
  114. New York Presbyterian Hospital Showcases Latest Advances And Techniques In Head And Neck Surgery
  115. University Of Queensland Guest Speaker - Multiple-channel Cochlear Implant Pioneer - Brings Music To
  116. Smell Is 'Noisy' And 'In Shades Of Grey' - Scientists Debunk Ancient Lock-And-key Theory
  117. Merck Serono's Erbitux Nominated For International Prix Galien Award - Transforming Head And Neck Ca
  118. Surgeons Find Unsuspected Thyroid Cancer In Elderly Patients Through Routine Imaging Studies For Oth
  119. British Dental Foundation Offers Free Kit To Combat Mouth Cancer
  120. FDA Approves Astepro - Nasal Antihistamine In The Treatment Of Rhinitis
  121. Even In A Sleeping Brain Emotion And Scent Create Lasting Memories
  122. Advanced Dysplasia And Early Cancer Of Esophagus Cured With Combined Endoscopic Resection And Radiof
  123. Erbitux Receives CHMP Positive Opinion For 1st-Line Use In Head And Neck Cancer, Europe
  124. New Survey Reveals Need For GPs To Challenge Status Quo In Management Of Severe Seasonal Allergic Rh
  125. Tinnitus: A Million People Sufferers In Province Of Quebec Alone
  126. Parion Sciences And Kainos Medicines Sign Clinical Development Agreement For Novel Dry Mouth Treatme
  127. Oral Cancer Diagnostic Kit - Zila Receives Indefinite OraTest Marketing Authorization In Seven Europ
  128. Leave Your Earwax Alone, Reports The Harvard Health Letter
  129. Sleep Apnoea: The Role Of Throat Muscle Coordination
  130. Does Your Child Keep Sneezing, Have Blocked Nose One Day And Runny Nose The Next? Not Always Allergy
  131. Seasons Affect Hay Fever Sufferers Differently - MayoClinic.com
  132. Study Exploring The Root Causes Of Tinnitus, University Of Montreal
  133. Oral Rinses Used For Tracking HPV-Positive Head And Neck Cancers Hold Promise For Screening
  134. ERBITUX® Supplemental Biologics License Application For First-Line Recurrent Or Metastatic Head And
  135. New Mouse Mutant Contains Clue To Progressive Hearing Loss
  136. Release by ENT Doctors of National Guideline On Treatment For Common Cause Of Dizziness
  137. Using Oral Rinses For Tracking HPV-Positive Head And Neck Cancers Holds Promise For Cancer Screening
  138. Decline In Ability To Smell, Rise In Laryngitis, And Upper Airway Issues All Evident In Smokers
  139. 11 Genotypes That May Increase Esophageal Cancer Risk
  140. Revision Surgery In Otolaryngology - The Patient-Centered Approach To Revision Surgery
  141. Chemical Magic In The Mouth - Bacteria In Human Mouth Play Role In Creating Flavors Of Certain Foods
  142. Less Than £2 Per Capita Funding For Deafness Research
  143. Obstructive Sleep Apnea Could Be Risk Factor For Sudden Cardiac Death
  144. Local Hearing Specialist Wins National Award, Bradford, England
  145. OHSU Finds Association Between Epstein-Barr Virus, Inflammatory Diseases Of The Mouth
  146. Esophageal Cancer: Be Aware Of The Early Warning Signs
  147. Highlights From The November Issue Of The Journal CHEST
  148. Cook Medical Unveils Web Site Designed To Educate Physicians On Balloon Percutaneous Tracheostomy
  149. Mouth Cancer Awareness Week 16 - 22 November 2008, University Hospital Of South Manchester NHS Found
  150. Survival Of Head And Neck Cancer Patients Is Greatly Affected By Coexisting Ailments
  151. SyntheMed Announces FDA Clearance Of SinusShield(TM)
  152. British Tinnitus Association Announces Record Funding Donation For Tinnitus Research
  153. Laparoscopic Heller Myotomy Esophagea A Minimally Invasive Surgery To Treat Achalasia
  154. Presence Of Gum Disease May Help Dentists And Physicians Identify Those At Increased Risk For Cardio
  155. Keeping Your Sinuses Clear, Seven Tips From Harvard Men's Health Watch
  156. Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Therapy Decreases Cardiovascular Risk
  157. Sleep Apnoea Frequently The Cause Of Long-Term Sick Leave And Even Loss Of Employment
  158. Antibiotics Not The Solution For Coughs, Colds And Sore Throats - The North West London Hospitals NH
  159. MRI Machines May Damage Cochlear Implants