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  1. Tide Is Turning In The Fight Against Substance Misuse Amongst Young People, UK
  2. Using Harm To Classify Drugs, UK
  3. Substance Use A Major Burden Of Disease For Adolescents
  4. Pharmacist-Driven Outreach Lowers Metabolic Syndrome Rates
  5. Leading Pharmacist Calls For End To Wasteful Use Of Prescription Drugs
  6. UGA Pharmacist Offers Strategies To Improve Medication Compliance
  7. DelSite Working Toward Solving Delivery Of Influenza Vaccine In Pandemic Situations
  8. Buy Generic Accutane
  9. zyrtec tabs and zyban
  10. APhA Academy Of Pharmacy Research And Science (APhA-APRS) Announces Election Results, USA
  11. Study Blames Abbreviations For Medication Errors
  12. Nasal Decongestants Get New Sales Restrictions, UK
  13. Industry Response To Pack Size Restrictions On Pseudoephedrine Medicines
  14. Young And Committed, Australia
  15. Rosemary Wins Student Award, Australia
  16. Government's New Pricing Methods Put Squeeze On Pharmacies, USA
  17. Personal Medication Record Campaigns Get Underway
  18. Raloxifene Examined For Breast Cancer Prevention
  19. NCPA President Steve Giroux's Testimony At FDA Behind The Counter Hearing
  20. ASHP Tells FDA: Health-System Pharmacists Ready To Implement Behind-the-Counter Medications, USA
  21. DH Agree 850,000 Compensation For Change In Prescription Pricing Division (PPD) Processing Behaviou
  22. NACDS, NCPA Advance Legal Strategy, File Injunction To Protect Low-Income Patients' Access To Medica
  23. National Rural Health Association Endorses Bills Designed To Ensure Patient Access To Prescription D
  24. Broad Pharmacy Coalition Urges Senate To Pass Fair Medicaid Drug Payment Act This Year
  25. NPA Alerts MPs To Threat Of Polyclinics Planned In Isolation, UK
  26. Community Pharmacy Can Mitigate Risk Of 'Conditionally' Licensed Medicines, UK
  27. APhA Views Behind-The-Counter Drug Status As Way To Improve Access To Care, Medication Use
  28. Prexige (Lumiracoxib) Licence Has Been Suspended, UK
  29. The American Pharmacists Association Supports Consumer Education About OTC Medications
  30. Wall Street Journal Letter To The Editor Addresses Recent Opinion Piece On Electronic Prescribing
  31. Innovative Drug Production Project Secures Funding From Technology Strategy Board, UK
  32. Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report Highlights Recent Coverage On Medical Errors
  33. Kohl Investigates Genentech's Plan To Limit Avastin Availability, USA
  34. EPIX Pharmaceuticals To Present At CBI's Alzheimer's Drug Development Summit
  35. AJHP Features Discussion On Implications Of Specialty Pharmacies
  36. Study Shows Clinical Care Pharmacy Services Lower Injuries, Cost
  37. As New Way To Pay For Prescriptions, Researchers Propose Consumers Buy Yearly 'Drug Licenses'
  38. Survey Suggests Pharmacies' Drive-Through Dispensing Puts Public At Risk
  39. Pharmacists Aim To Create New Role, UK
  40. BioScrip, Inc. Announces Opening Of Two New Specialty Pharmacies, USA
  41. PAGB Statement On Efficacy Of OTC Cough Medicines, UK
  42. Society Submits Evidence ToThe Clarke Inquiry, UK
  43. Wal-Mart CEO Announces Pilot Program To Provide Prescription Drug Services For Some Employers
  44. Call For OTC Oral Contraceptive Pills Gets Pharmacy Support, UK
  45. Study Shows Pharmacists' Involvement In Patient Care Leads To Clinical, Economic Improvements
  46. Applications Invited For BPC 2008 Conference Science Medal, UK
  47. Government Accepts RPSGB Stance On Future Pharmacy Body, UK
  48. ABPI Hails Opportunity To Consolidate Pharmacy Representation, UK
  49. Study Validates Medication Therapy Management Principles
  50. Group Launches Letter-Writing Campaign To Protect Custom-Made Hormones For Menopause
  51. CCA Calls For Wide Ranging Measures In Pharmacy White Paper, UK
  52. IT To Enable Doctors To Feel Organs Via A Display Screen
  53. Pharmacy President Prescribes Rebuke To Dispensing Doctors, UK
  54. Drug Co Payments, Caps Might Deprive Patients Of Needed Medications
  55. GPhA Annual Meeting Focuses On Industry Opportunities And Challenges For 2008
  56. USA Today Investigation Examines Contributing Factors In Prescription Errors
  57. New MUR Forms Now Available From The NPA, UK
  58. New Budget Offers Modest Increase In FDA Funding
  59. A Peek Into ASHP's Regulatory Affairs Playbook For 2008
  60. ASHP Turns To Optometrists For Lessons On Advanced-Practice Licensing
  61. Report Deems Pharmacists Successful Providers Of Patient Care Services, USA
  62. BPC 2009 Science And Practice Chairs Announced, UK
  63. More Americans Are Using More Prescription Drugs
  64. Rep. Stupak Calls For FDA Commissioner To Resign Amid Recent Prescription Drug Safety Issues
  65. 10% Of Washington State Pharmacies Restricting Access To EC, Report Says
  66. Lives Could Be Saved And Healthcare Costs Reduced By Heart Attack Prescription Drug Strategy
  67. Protecting Progress in Health Care:An Environment For Innovation
  68. Hearing To Focus On Direct-To-Consumer Ads For Prescription Drugs
  69. Ads At House Panel Hearing
  70. Safe Measurement & Administration Of Liquid Medicines SOP Developed By NPA, UK
  71. Future Of Medicines In Australia: The Experts Gather In Canberra