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  1. Efficacy and safety of acupuncture for chronic uncomplicated neck pain
  2. A Closer Look At Pain And Hepatitis C: Preliminary Data From A Veteran Population
  3. Preliminary Evaluation Of Reliability And Criterion Validity Of Actiwatch-Score
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  6. Effects Of Depression And Pain Severity On Satisfaction In Medical Outpatients: Analysis Of The Medi
  7. Kids In Pain: Documentary Shows How Teens Learn To Live With Pain
  8. Efficacy Of Selected Complementary And Alternative Medicine Interventions For Chronic Pain
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  10. ROXRO PHARMA'S Novel Intranasal Pain Reliever Effective, Well Tolerated In Phase 3 Study
  11. Laziness Increases Back Pain Risk
  12. Gene Therapy Offers New Hope For Treatment Of Peripheral Neuropathy
  13. Chronic Pain May Be Triggered By Old Memory Traces In Brain
  14. Fibromyalgia: The Misunderstood Disease
  15. Driving Simulator Disposes Of Myth
  16. Aspirin Use, But Not NSAIDS, Associated With Reduced Cancer Risk
  17. Knees Ache? It Could Be Your Hips' Fault
  18. NeurogesX Completes Enrollment In Phase 3 Clinical Trial For Postherpetic Neuralgia
  19. Sports Injuries & Low Back Pain: How To Eliminate Back Pain Fast & Start Playing Sports Again
  20. Trial Results With Intranasal Fentanyl Hold Promise For Treatment Of Breakthrough Pain In Cancer
  21. Geisinger Launches Healthcare Book Series
  22. Penwest Begins Dosing Phase IIa Clinical Study Of Nalbuphine ER
  23. Alcohol Injections For Common Cause Of Foot Pain Highly Successful, Study Proves
  24. Shed Pounds To Ease Foot Pain, Suggests Report From Harvard Medical School
  25. Gabapentin Shown Effective For Fibromyalgia Pain
  26. Interactions Between Heart Disease, Kidney Disease identified by Studies
  27. International Painful Bladder Foundation - IPBF E-Newsletter, Issue 8, June 2007
  28. HSA Suspends Sales Of Products Containing Nimesulide - Singapore
  29. Hand Osteoarthritis' Aggressive Nature
  30. Pain Decreases Under Hypnosis
  31. Migraines: Symptoms Disappear With The Right Prevention
  32. Milestone Scientific Receives CE Mark Approval Of Pain-Free Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA(TM)) System
  33. Research Into Why Common Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Harm Intestines
  34. Never Mind Dying Pain Free, They Should Be Living Pain Free
  35. DURECT Announces The Initiation Of Sufentanil Patch Phase II Study By Endo Pharmaceuticals
  36. European Medicines Agency Recommends Restricted Use For Piroxicam
  37. Patient Choice And Treatment Alternatives For Arthritis
  38. FDA Approves First Drug For Treating Fibromyalgia
  39. Study Shows 1 In 10 Hospice Patients Referred 'Too Late'
  40. Surgery Is More Effective Than Other Treatments For Common Back Problem, Study Finds
  41. Genzyme Announces Results Of Clinical Trial Of Hylastan
  42. Painkiller Abuse Continues To Grow; New Treatments Offer Hope
  43. Animal Studies Shouldn't Alter Anesthesiology Practice In Newborns
  44. Pain Distracts The Brain
  45. First Study Of Australia's High Cost Of Pain Reveals $34 Billion Price Tag
  46. DEA Ruling Allowing Multiple Prescriptions For Controlled Substances
  47. Non-Caucasians At Higher Risk For Severe Metastatic Breast Cancer Pain
  48. QRxPharma Doses First Patients In Phase III Clinical Trial Program For Its 'Dual Opioid' Pain Therap
  49. Freezing Bone Cancer Tumors Reduces Pain, Mayo Clinic Study Shows
  50. Scientists Identify Gene Responsible For Statin-induced Muscle Pain
  51. Minimally Invasive Treatment Reduces Shoulder Pain From Tendonitis
  52. MRE Could Provide A Definitive Diagnosis For People With Muscle Pain
  53. UCB Announces FDA Filing For Lacosamide In The Treatment Of Diabetic Neuropathic Pain
  54. Breakthrough For Cancer Pain
  55. The Effect Of Meniscal Damage On The Development Of Knee Pain
  56. The Benefits Of Hip Replacement
  57. Valeant Pharmaceuticals Starts Phase 2 Retigabine Study For Treatment Of Postherpetic Neuralgia
  58. Relief From Neuropathic Pain Provided By SLRP1-Alpha
  59. "Circle Of Care" Collaborative Aims To Reduce Barriers To Recognition And Treatment Of Fibromyalgia
  60. The Process Of Pain Alleviation By Stress
  61. A Pain-Fee Window Into Painful Neuropathies
  62. MUSC Professor Discusses Rarity Of Anesthesia Awareness
  63. Primary Endpoint Of Pivotal Phase III Clinical Trial Achieved For Remoxy(TM)
  64. MDC Scientists Reveal Role Of Gene In Sensitivity To Thermal Pain
  65. Morphine: A Comfort Measure For The Dying Or Pain Control For The Living?
  66. New Surgical Devices Treat Neck Pain While Preserving Motion
  67. New Research Finding On Experience Of Pain
  68. New Phase III Trial Shows Positive Outcome Of Lacosamide In Patients With Diabetic Neuropathic Pain
  69. NoMoreClipboard.com Personal Health Record Integrates Pain Management Module
  70. Chronic Knee Pain: Is Surgery The Only Solution?
  71. Javelin Pharmaceuticals Launches Dyloject(R) In UK
  72. Special Report Describes A Medical Device That Is Changing The Lives Of Back Pain Sufferers
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  74. Dental Pain Relief In Seconds Without Drugs?
  75. Phosphagenics Ltd Announce Successful Transdermal Oxycodone Clinical Trial Results
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  77. Constipation Most Common Cause Of Children's Abdominal Pain
  78. Pain Treatment In The Field: Good For Soldiers' Comfort And Better For Rebuilding Troop Strength
  79. Massage May Help Ease Pain And Anxiety After Surgery
  80. NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Spine Surgeon First To Use AxiaLIF Spine Surgery In Manhattan
  81. DURECT Announces Positive ELADUR(TM) Phase IIa Study Results
  82. Sugar Injections Resolve Chronic Neck Pain
  83. Kalypsys Initiates Phase IIa Clinical Trial Of Topical INOS Inhibitor
  84. Lower Temps Get Cool Reception In Study On Hypothermia And Blood Loss