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  1. agood eyeatlas
  2. Tutorials in Ophthalmology (Eye Physicians & Surgeons)
  3. [[Free Download]] First Issue IOAW Ophthalmology Journal
  4. Scientists discover zinc link to a leading cause of blindness
  5. Glaucoma Diagnosis May be Mistaken in Some Younger Chinese People
  6. Lens solution mix-up: Here's glue in your eye
  7. Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise For Rescuing Deteriorating Vision
  8. Zinc Found To Be A Link In Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  9. Making Mice With Enhanced Color Vision
  10. Gender And Age Can Be Determined From Face Silhouettes
  11. Glaucoma Diagnosis May Be Mistaken In Some Younger Chinese People
  12. Granada-Based Scientists Make The First Artificial Cornea Model
  13. Potentia Pharmaceuticals Announces Initiation Of Phase I Clinical Trials To Evaluate
  14. Visually Impaired Benefit From Video Games
  15. Macular Degeneration In Women
  16. Many Americans At High Risk Of Vision Loss Do Not Have Access To Eye Care
  17. American Academy Of Ophthalmology Urges Athletes To Wear Protective Eyewear
  18. Dry Eye Syndrome Affects Quality Of Life For Nearly 5 Million In The US
  19. Cause Of Early Blindness Traced To Tissue Defect
  20. MARCH: Save Your Vision Month
  21. Eye Operations Most Common Outpatient Surgical Procedures, USA
  22. Object Recognition Failure From Journal Of Vision
  23. Eye Disease Diagnosis Could Be Revolutionized, Creating Eye Maps On The High Street
  24. Clues To Why Graves' Disease Attacks The Eyes
  25. Glaucoma Patients At Significantly Higher Risk For Falls, Motor Vehicle Accidents
  26. Study Uncovers Clues For Why Graves' Disease Attacks The Eyes
  27. Development Could Lead To Creation Of An Artificial Retina
  28. Sirion Therapeutics Acquires U.S. License To Develop New Treatment For Viral Eye
  29. Lantibio, Inc. And TRB Chemedica Announce Special Protocol Assessment-Endorsed Phase
  30. Boston Micromachines' New Deformable Mirror To Enhance Retinal Imaging Systems For
  31. Method Devised For Diagnosis Of Ocular Diseases
  32. Sirion Therapeutics Initiates Enrollment Of Phase III
  33. Tears Reveal Some Of Their Deepest Secrets To Researchers
  34. Toward Medical Implants With An Antibiotic Coating
  35. New Deformable Mirror To Enhance Retinal Imaging Systems For Earlier Detection Of Eye
  36. Drip Infusion 100 Receives Approval As Additional Indication Of Treating Behcet's
  37. Respiratory Infection May Be Contracted Through The Eye
  38. Wearing No-line Bifocals Slows Myopia Progression In Some Children
  39. Discovery of Protein That Causes Blood Vessel Leakage And Swelling In Eyes
  40. Important Mechanism Identified In The Formation Of Blood Vessels
  41. Highmark Inc. Grant Supports Blindness Prevention For Children
  42. Grants From Leading Eye Research Foundation Surpass $9M In 2006
  43. Surgery Can Improve Vision For People With Drooping Eyelids
  44. Vision Loss Costing Medicare Billions
  45. Action Video Games Sharpen Vision 20 Percent
  46. Cataract Scheme 'Expensive Over-Reaction' Say Doctors
  47. Blindness From Smoking Terrifies Teens, But Few Realize The Two Are Linked
  48. ISTA Pharmaceuticals Announces Positive Preliminary Xibrom(TM) Once-daily Formulation
  49. March Is Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Awareness Month; Experts Say Early
  50. Journal Theme Issue Highlights Advances In Eye Disease Genetics
  51. Molecular Testing Provides Useful Information In Caring For Those With Genetic Retina
  52. MIT Research Gives Hope To Blind Children
  53. Retinal Implant Helping Blind People See Again
  54. Tests Begin On Next Generation Of Retinal Implant
  55. Genetic Testing Sheds Light On Degenerative Eye Disease
  56. Lux Biosciences Initiates LUMINATE Pivotal Clinical Trials Of Its Next-Generation
  57. Spring Is Time For Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Awareness
  58. Optical Regulator Welcomes Government's Reform Proposals, UK
  59. ARVO Annual Meeting 2007 Draws Spotlight On Aging Eye
  60. 'Project 3000,' A Recipe For Hope Through Genetic Research
  61. Treating Wet Form Of AMD - Othera Eye Drop Data Shows Synergistic Effect
  62. New Research Finds People And Pigeons See Eye To Eye
  63. Development Could Lead To Creation Of An Artificial Retina
  64. Study Uncovers Clues For Why Graves' Disease Attacks The Eyes
  65. Glaucoma Patients At Significantly Higher Risk For Falls, Motor Vehicle Accidents
  66. Clues To Why Graves' Disease Attacks The Eyes
  67. Eye Disease Diagnosis Could Be Revolutionized, Creating Eye Maps On The High Street
  68. Object Recognition Failure From Journal Of Vision
  69. Eye Operations Most Common Outpatient Surgical Procedures, USA
  70. MARCH: Save Your Vision Month
  71. MARCH: Save Your Vision MonthCause Of Early Blindness Traced To Tissue Defect
  72. Dry Eye Syndrome Affects Quality Of Life For Nearly 5 Million In The US
  73. American Academy Of Ophthalmology Urges Athletes To Wear Protective Eyewear
  74. Many Americans At High Risk Of Vision Loss Do Not Have Access To Eye Care
  75. Macular Degeneration In Women
  76. Visually Impaired Benefit From Video Games
  77. Potentia Pharmaceuticals Announces Initiation Of Phase I Clinical Trials To Evaluate
  78. Novel Study Sheds Light On Imitation Learning
  79. Granada-Based Scientists Make The First Artificial Cornea Model Using Rabbit Stem
  80. Educational And Motivational Video For Low Vision Patients Needs More Personal Intera
  81. Making Mice With Enhanced Color Vision
  82. Making Mice With Enhanced Color Vision
  83. Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise For Rescuing Deteriorating Vision
  84. ARDMLA Announces Research Grant Program
  85. Positive Interim Phase 2 Data Reported For VEGF Trap-Eye In Age-related Macular Degen
  86. 'Smart' Sunglasses And Goggles Let Users Adjust Shade And Color - Could Help People W
  87. Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis - Novagali Pharma Announces Positive Vekacia(R) Clinical
  88. Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Initiates Enrollment In A Phase 2 Pilot Study Of MM-093 In
  89. Integrated Eye Health Project For Central Australia
  90. Drug-Resistant Bacterial Infections Serious Complication After Corrective Eye Surgery
  91. 1 Donor Cornea May Treat 3 Patients
  92. A System Which Significantly Improves The Function Of Retinal Implants Demonstrated B
  93. How The Brain Senses Visual Illusions
  94. Quick Tips For Summer Eye Care
  95. Eye Diseases Gave Great Painters Different Vision Of Their Work, Stanford Ophthalmolo
  96. Sirion Therapeutics Receives Orphan Drug Designation For Ophthalmic Drug To Treat Vir
  97. Lexicon Reports On Anti-Angiogenesis Target Discoveries
  98. Neurotech Initiates Two Phase II/III Clinical Trials Of NT-501 For The Treatment Of R
  99. New Way To Catch Cancer's Spread, Rapid 3-D Retinal Imaging, More At CLEO/QELS 2007
  100. Treatment For MS Patients Also Reduces Their Vision Loss, Penn Researchers Find
  101. MS Drug Helps Reduce Vision Loss
  102. Dry Eyes Are More Than A Nuisance
  103. Mumbai, India Offers World's First Permanent Eye Treatment For Keratoconus At Shroff
  104. Dry Eye Research To End In Tears
  105. Dr. Eli Peli Of Schepens Eye Research Institute Elected SPIE Fellow
  106. Adult Stem Cells For Therapy Of Visual Disorders
  107. VISTAKON(R) Launches Electronic Contact Lens Reminder Service To Help Improve Contact Lens Complianc
  108. UK Scientists Set Their Sights On Cure For AMD
  109. Gene Responsible For Blindness In Infants And Children Identified By MUHC-Led International Team
  110. Stay Active With Low Vision
  111. Stay Active With Low Vision
  112. New Gene Discovery Offers Further Hope For Childhood Blindness
  113. High-Tension Open-Angle Glaucoma Associated With High Arterial Pulse Pressure
  114. High-Tension Open-Angle Glaucoma Associated With High Arterial Pulse Pressure
  115. Drug Resistance Of Parasite Which Causes River Blindness Could Lead To Resurgence
  116. Advocates Ask Fashion Industry To Support Braille Clothing Tags; Talking Web Site
  117. UIC Investigates Eye Infections Tied To Contact Lens Use
  118. Protein's Role In Multiple Sclerosis Clarified By Stanford Researchers
  119. The Food & Drug Administration Clears Indication For Thermage Thermacool System
  120. Coffee Drinking Protects Against An Eyelid Spasm That Can Lead To 'Blindness'
  121. UCF Nanoparticle Offers Promise For Treating Glaucoma
  122. Pegaptanib Produces Sustained Favorable Response In Diabetic Retinopathy Patients
  123. Opticians To Have Registration Cards, UK
  124. Eye Damage In Premature Babies May Be Prevented By Promising Protein
  125. American Academy Of Ophthalmology Warns Parents To Leave Fireworks To The Professionals
  126. Protein Roadmap For Inherited Eye Diseases
  127. Untreatable Eye Disease Improves With Avastin
  128. Omega 3 Protects Against Blindness Due To Retinopathy, New Study
  129. Canadian Researchers Break Ground Unlocking Mysteries Of Glaucoma In One Of World's Largest Studies
  130. Blind People Are 'Serial Memory' Whizzes
  131. Can Blindness Be Prevented Through Diet?
  132. Survey Of Glaucoma Patient And Those Who Care For Them Underscore Need For Education
  133. Omega-3 Fatty Acids Protect Eyes Against Retinopathy, Study Finds
  134. Children Suffering From Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis - Results Of Pivotal Phase III Clinical Trial Wi
  135. NICE Issues Draft Guidance On Drugs For The Treatment Of Age Related Macular Degeneration, UK
  136. Gene Therapy Awakens The Brain Despite Blindness From Birth, Penn Researchers Report
  137. Disease Outbreak Detection, Retinal Gene Therapy
  138. General Optical Council - News From Council Meeting, 28 June 2007GOC Supports Early Move To Independ
  139. Prestigious Award For Sightsavers' Low Vision Expert
  140. Unacceptable To Restrict Macular Degeneration Drugs For Patients Who Have Gone Blind In One Eye
  141. Visual Sciences Research Center Receives 3.2M Dollars Award
  142. Targeting System Of Human Vision Examined
  143. Improved Vision Tests Employ Holograms To Diagnose The Astigmatic Error Of The Human Eye
  144. This Summer Keep An Eye On UV Safety- American Academy Of Ophthalmology Offers Tips For Safe Fun In
  145. Nursing Home Residents Not Getting Regular Eye Care
  146. Opko Health Initiates Phase 3 Trial Of Bevasiranib For The Treatment Of AMD
  147. Increased Mortality Risk In Visually Impaired Adults
  148. Seniors In Nursing Homes May Not Get Regular Eye Examinations
  149. FDA Approves CustomVue Monovision LASIK
  150. Wearing Contacts In The Pool May Lead To Eye Infections
  151. Remember To Protect Your Eyes From The Sun
  152. Eye Lens And Nose Cells For Smelling Have Same Origin
  153. Vision Loss And Carbohydrate Quality Link Strengthened By New Data
  154. Take A Family Glaucoma Snapshot: EyeCare America Asks Families To Share History Of Glaucoma
  155. Only One In Three Know Smoking Can Cause Blindness, UK
  156. Limiting Use Of Sight Saving Drugs - Record Response To NICE Consultation, UK
  157. Severe Lethargy In Infants A Side Effect Of Eye Test
  158. WGA Announces Consensus Findings To Further Define The Role Of Intraocular Pressure In Glaucoma
  159. Increased Risk Of Age-Related Macular Degeneration From Gene Variant
  160. New Treatment Of Disorders Of The Cornea Employing Adult Stem Cell Growth
  161. Bausch & Lomb Ireland Withdraws Its Marketing Authorisation Application For Retisert, Europe
  162. Study Identifies New Gene Therapy Tools For Inherited Blindness
  163. General Optical Council Issues Warning To Students, UK
  164. Darfur Refugees Seeing Things More Clearly, Thanks To Israeli Eye Initiative
  165. LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans Research Shows NPD1 Protects A Key Component Of Vision
  166. Eye Disease On The Rise Among Older Americans, Few Realize Risk
  167. Rare Genetic Eye Disease Discovery Could Have Implications For More Common Medical Disorders
  168. Complaints Against Opticians Hit Three-Year Low, UK
  169. Restoring Vision In Humans With The Help Of Zebrafish
  170. Blindness Caused By Glaucoma Successfully Treated In Rat Model
  171. Optical Bodies Respond To Which? Report On Sight Tests. UK
  172. Eye Infections Caused By Adenoviruses May Be Treated With Gamma Globulin
  173. Student Opticians Removed From The Registers
  174. University Of Alberta Researchers Find New Cause Of Blindness
  175. The Preservation Of Color Vision In A Creature Of The Night
  176. Pressure Sensors In The Eye
  177. Promising Drug Combination May Help Those With Ocular Melanoma That Has Spread
  178. SAGE Study Examines Whether Partially-blind Stroke Patients Could Regain Some Of Their Lost Vision
  179. The Link Between The Brain's Timing And Timescales Of The Natural Visual World
  180. Studying The Capacity For Change in The Adult Brain
  181. The Primary Visual Cortex Is First To Detect Color Contrast
  182. Pivotal Hearing Structure Revealed By Scripps Research Scientists
  183. New Gel Could Make Eye Injections A Thing Of The Past, UK
  184. Scientists Eye Secrets Of Retinal Regeneration
  185. Scientific Advancements To Be Presented At Optical Society's Annual Meeting
  186. Cause Of Visual Problems Among Children Of Hypothyroid Mothers Found
  187. Artificial Cornea Saves Eyesight
  188. Enrollment Complete In Pivotal Phase 3 Trial Of Medidur(TM) FA For Diabetic Macular Edema
  189. AMD Progression May Be Slowed By Reducing Intake Of Refined Carbohydrates
  190. Warning For Consumers: Popular Halloween Eye Wear Accessory Can Permanently Damage Eyes
  191. Model To Study Age-Related Macular Degeneration Could Pave Way For Better Treatment
  192. Alacrity Biosciences Announces Positive Results From A Phase 2 Study Of Its Dry Eye Treatment ALTY-0
  193. $37 Million Financing For Company Based On Macular Degeneration Research
  194. $37 Million In Financing Secured By UI Licensee Optherion
  195. 4-Decade Search Ended By Discovery Of Retinal Cell Type
  196. New Report Finds Strong Link Between Blindness And Poverty In Pakistan
  197. Patients Suffer Due To PBS Limits, Australia
  198. Optometrists: Got The Flu? Take Out Your Contacts
  199. Doctors Now Do It Though The Eyelid
  200. Cost Of Glaucoma Medications May Impact Treatment
  201. LASIK Works Well, According To Long-Term Study Of Highly Myopic Patients
  202. Man Of Vision Is Congressman Murtha For Championing Blinded Soldiers
  203. Multiple Species Of Bacteria May Cause Trachoma: Implications For Treatment
  204. NicOx Announces Pfizer Initiates Phase 2 Clinical Development For PF-03187207 In Japan
  205. Knowing Your Risks Can Stop The Sneak Thief Of Sight
  206. Early Detection Critical To Treating Glaucoma, Preventing Blindness
  207. Consumers Don't Follow FDA Recommendations For Contact Lense Use According To New Research
  208. UF Scientists Test The Safety Of Experimental Drug For Vision Loss
  209. January Is National Glaucoma Awareness Month
  210. David W. Parke II, MD, Assumes Presidency Of American Academy Of Ophthalmology, USA
  211. Progeny Of Blind Cavefish Can Regain Their Sight
  212. Blind People In Cumbria Get Free Computer Classes, UK
  213. New Study Examines Smoking And The Risk Of Age Related Eye Disease
  214. News From The Journal Of Neuroscience
  215. St. Jude Defines Eye Cancer Gene's Role In Retinal Development
  216. Academy, Along With ABO And OMIC, Establish New Performance Improvement Taskforce
  217. New Implantable Lenses Can Reduce The Need For Glasses After Cataract Surgery
  218. Potential For Superhuman Vision Using Contact Lenses With Circuits
  219. Face Facts: People Don't Stand Out In Crowds
  220. Enhancing Digital Television Viewing For Visually-Impaired
  221. New Way To Produce High-Vitamin Corn Could Improve Eye Health And Nutrition In Developing Countries
  222. Detectiing Auditory And Visual Change In The Human Brain
  223. Thousands Of Blind People Attacked Every Day, UK
  224. A Sporting Future For Blind Children Across The UK
  225. News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation
  226. Perfect Vision Still Vulnerable To Blindness
  227. Computer Vision May Not Be As Good As Thought
  228. OpenEye Launches The 'SAMPL' Blind Challenge
  229. 1.5 Million Dollars Gift Launches Three-Year Capital Campaign - Glaucoma Research Foundation
  230. Contact Lens Care Solutions Inadequately Tested With Outdated And Irrelevant Fungus Strain
  231. Researchers Can Now Determine When A Human Was Born By Looking Into The Eyes Of The Dead
  232. Paradigm Medical Industries To Market Proprietary Electrophysiology Device For Early Detection Of Gl
  233. Anemia Treatment May Be A Double Edged Sword
  234. World Glaucoma Day Set For March 6th
  235. First Six Grant Recipients Announced - The Shaffer Fund For Innovative Glaucoma Research
  236. Animal Model Of Macular Degeneration Paves Way For Development Of Cures
  237. Vision Researchers Query FDA About Updating Requirements For Drug Approval
  238. One-A-Day Eye Vitamin For Age Related Macular Degeneration
  239. NeoMedix Offers Innovative Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery
  240. Signs Of Resistance Seen In The Onchocerciasis Parasite
  241. Lux Granted Fast Track Designation For LX201 For Corneal Transplant Rejection
  242. Retired Optician And AMD Patient's Story After Taking Macushield Eye Supplements, UK
  243. Save Your Vision Month Recognizes Eye Care And Disease Prevention
  244. VEGF-B Helps Nerve Cells Cheat Death Without Unwanted Side Effects
  245. Glaucoma-Risk factors
  246. Glaucoma and African-Americans
  247. Glaucoma-Diagnostic Tests
  248. Glaucoma-Update on Ocular Hypertension Treatment
  249. Glaucoma Drugs: Questions and Answers from Dr. Paul Kaufman
  250. Glaucoma- The Importance of Corneal Thickness